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  1. I feel like I might not have made myself clear enough - the issue for me isn't what happened with the nurse (it was five years ago, he was sixteen, etc...I understand, it doesn't upset me). What bothered me is the fact that he feels it's all right to bluntly tell me these things. Sometimes there are things that go better left unsaid or untold. I just found it rude that he was so casually telling me about this. I would never be like "Yeah, a few years ago I found some guy seriously hot and it got me really excited" because that's just being inconsiderate of my boyfriend's feelings - there's no need for him to hear about things like that. But now I'm wondering how I go about asking my boyfriend to cut back on all the "TMI" without pissing him off or making him feel like I'm overly-insecure, you know?
  2. All right, I love my boyfriend to death and everything, but he has a bad habit of...being overly blunt about certain things, I guess? One case in particular, last night, upset me. We were in bed together, idly talking before going to sleep, and somehow the topic of one time when he was in the hospital for possible testicular cancer (around five years ago) came up. He was talking about how a nurse had been examining his, well, balls (lol) and he had popped a boner during the examination. Giggling, I asked what the nurse's reaction had been to this. He responded that she had laughed and said something about "typical sixteen year old boys". I figured this had embarrassed him, so I replied that the nurse hadn't teased him like that. It was his next statement that upset me. Something along the lines of, "No, I didn't mind. I actually thought that she was pretty hot, and that's why I got a boner." ...Okay. I don't care about the fact that he's found other women attractive before. It would be kind of ridiculous for me to expect me to be the only woman who's ever given him a hard-on before. But here's the thing - I don't want to know about it! All it does is make me feel insecure and stupidly jealous. He could tell something had upset me, and urged me to tell him what it was. But of course, in typical guy fashion, as soon as I did actually work up the courage to tell him about how I felt, he seemed to get angry and replied that it was too late to be talking things like that out, and we would talk about it tomorrow. Should I even bother bringing the issue back up when I see him again? Or would it be ridiculous of me to cause a possible fight over something that seems kind of silly? Let me set one thing straight - it's not that I expect him to never find another woman attractive, or anything like that. It's just that I don't necessarily want to know about it! Am I just being overreactive, since this "nurse situation" which he brought up was something that happened in the past? Any advice on how to handle the situation would be very helpful, thank you.
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