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  1. I had my first one done when i got pregnant. It hurt me alittle, but i think only becaue i was really nervous and didnt really relax. Mythical Suicide explained it alll. Just relax its a simple procedure.
  2. Im am cluess as what to get him for vday. I bought him so fara love coupon book (cheesy i know, but he will like it for the massages) and I am trying to spice things up, so i bought lingerie (thats hoping we have a babysitter) any other ideas?
  3. So my friend for 10 years now has met this guy who is 2 years younger than her. She works with him. When she first told me about him, i thought he sounded like a great guy. Sounded like she might have found "the" guy for her. Her past with guys havent been very good At ALL. I finnally met this guy after they started dating for 1 month. You could tell he was in love with her. It was great. She had moved out of her parents house becaue they didnt agreee with her dating him. She prettymuch had no where to go, so she had been staying at his house. his parents looove her. Which is good for her, that hsi parents accepted her like that and love her. anywasy to my point... Well they have only been dating now for 2 months, and the other day he asked her how many guys she had slept with. And she told him, which is a VERY high number for a 21 year old. Well he blew up on her, calling her a and telling her he doesnt want to be with someone who had that many guys up in her. you know childish words and comments.Well she went back to him, BEGGED him pretty much to go back together. And now he has been verbaly abusing her. She knows it, HIS father knows it, but she doesnt care. She says she doesnt want to get into a fight with him. for valentines day she wants to get him an IPOD becaue thats what he wants. He wants a baby, and she is willing to give him one now. 2 months! he is abusing her verbally! She is nuts! I keep teling her that he isnt good for her anymore. If he cant accept the past and realize that you are a better and differnt person then hes not worth it. Also if she buys him the ipod that he wants that its pretty much telling him that he can do whatever he dam well pleases to her. He has complete control over her, and he is just ending up like the rest of the guys she usd to date. But she still thinks he is a saint, and the bes thing evr, and she loves him. he doesnt allow her to go out with her friends past a certain time, and if she does he is upset at her. Constantly calling her a lier about whre she is, whos shes with. I dont know what else to do to get it through her head. i dont want her in a relationship like that. She is getting her taxes back and i keep telling her to put that down for an apartment, becaue moving out is the best thing right now, but she insists on putting it away for a car. I just dont know. I hate hearing her phones calls with him. its makes me mad. sorry its so long. i needed to get this out.
  4. I just realized i posted that "right now money isnt an issue" and that things could change in the future. I need to take that into consideration as well.
  5. Yea i thought about the money factor. And right now money isnt an issue to us. I dont even need to get a job. But i want to help out girls who are in that situation. I talked to someone who works in similar situations, except the pregnancy part, and she had told me that you dont need to go to college for it, but they do have certain classes to take to learn how to deal with teens and what not. Im still into it, and I still want to do it. It maybe stressful, but i think i will volunteer somewhere first to get a feel for it.
  6. Im sorry but you DO have a say in that. That is your mother! Noone should disrespect her, especially your brother! I would flat out tell them to off and to treat her with the respect she deserves. Talk to your mother about it as well. Tell her to stick up for herself. That is her house and she is doing them the favor of letting them stay there for those many years. That is just rude, im still in shock. My sister used to disrespect my mother and father all the time. And i constantly gave her a piece of my mind. Some people are just so ungrateful. I agree with hope as well. she needs to form a family meeting and lay down the law. If she is to scared to start a meeting, than you start it off and help her along the way.
  7. [quote=BeStrongBeHappy;1434412 sometimes mothers are like this, where they pamper their sons while expecting their daughters to be Cinderella's and wait on him... so your mother is only passing this attitude towards your daughter too, that she should wait on him... . Thats how my mother is as well.. She thinks woman should wait hand and foot on the men. So maybe thats why your mother is like that? If i was you, since being an adult yourself id make a plan to get out. And if thats not the case at the moment for a reason. I just wouldnt listen to my mother. Even if it is her house, you are an adult and there is no need to have your daughter wait on your brother like that. You make the rules for your daughter, not your mother. Tell her that she may enjoy doing everything for your brother, but you do not feel that way, and you dont want your daughter to do the same. And i would talk to your brother about it. That is just rude of him to treat his neice like that. He needs to show some respect to the both of you. Which im sure you know this. But really if talking to them doesnt work. Id try working on getting an apartment or something.
  8. yes its true ghost, i let all my feelings build up inside of me for so long wiht out telling anyone. It felt soo good to let it out on here. Helped me out alot. I appreciate everyones replies.
  9. You are right. I dont want to live with that fear the rest of my life. I woul rather get it done and over with, but i need to believe in myself first and go through with it. I guess i dont want to leave him for the reason of being aone. I know i am extremely comfortable with him, and he does not care about whether or noti still have some baby weight left on me, or anything. . He has told me many times in the past though that my personality has changed since when we first met, that im not layed back anymore and i take everything serisouly and dont have fun anymore. Which is true, since having a kid, im more cautious to things i do. I see where he is coming from there, and i have been trying t change that. trying to get back to the way it used to be when we first met, when things were great. Coming to this forum though has helped though. And i appreciate it. Even though im still scared and need to keep telling myself i need to do the right thing. Thanks for your advice
  10. Good thread, i could use some of these. i had told my fiancee about how he used to bring me flowerss and leave little cards and candy on my car while i was at work. The little things, i love. I miss the feeling of a new relationship, so i know where your girlfriend is coming from. So i advice to do things like that also. I Loved recieving flowers at work.
  11. Well We have moved to our new place this past weekend. And moving here was suppsoed to be the start of getting the little one to his own bed, but unfortunetly some pipes have burst in this place and its freezing, so we have been staying once again in bed together. Df doesnt mind that at all, he understands until the landlord gets the pipes fixed this week. But him and I have been gettign along better. We still haven had that night, and He hasnt asked his mother yet. I can ask his mom, you are right Bethany and I plan on doing that tomorrow. She just lost her job, so she has weekdays free now as well lol. SO i will be asking her. I dont even care we have to pay her to watch him. Lol. I still havent spoken to df about how i am feeling, I havent been feeling down like i was the other day about it. I can still feel that the passion is missing, but we have been doing OK witht that this past week. Im still very scared one of these days he is going to say the same things i am feeling to me. I know he can feel it to in a way. I can see it in the way he acts sometimes. He is a great guy, shows he loves me, does anything for me. but in some ways it just seems like he is with me becaue he is comfortable. Im not sure if i should wait it out and see what happens in the future, see if the problem gets worse. friscodj I would like to just nip it in the bud, but what if I tel him how i feel and we try working on things, and he just thinks that i am pretending to feel better about us just to be with him and not leave? I dont want to tell him and hear him say "i agree" or "Yea i dont think we are meant to be" something along those lines, thats what im afraid of.
  12. This may not sound like something people would enjoy doing, some i came to realize what i want to do. I want to be some type of counsler for pregnant teens. I want to be someoen they can turn to when noone else cares. I want to help them. I want to give them a home temporily until they can help themselves. I like to help people, and I have come accross so many people telling me how they wish they had somewhere to go when they were pregnant and got kicked out. I dont even know where to begin to go about doing something like that. I dontknow how to find a job like that. Anyone have any ideas?
  13. I have a child due to precum. So it is possible to have children using the withdrawl method.
  14. I agree with everyone else. If i was dating someone and they cheated on me and got another girl pregnant. I honestly couldnt be with them. You are young still. Having to deal with a little love triangle is not worth it that young. He may want to be with you now, but you never know what could happen when that baby is born, he may want to be with the mother.
  15. Hello all,I am new to this forum. I am hoping that i can stay for a while Alright let me start off by saying that i am engaged to be married. We have been together for 3 years now, and we have 21 month old son. The reasonw why i decided to even try and find a forum like this isbecuae i dont know how i feel about him anymore. Things are differnt now with us. And i hate even typing this out because typing it out and saying it to anyone means im actually admitting it, and i dont want to do that. But i need help and advice. I love him, i really do, but for the past year it seems like our passion, is not there anymore. Our son sleeps with us at night, and i know this has a huge impact on our relationship. Doing anything intimate, can only been done on the couch or somehwere else, because my son naps and sleeps on our bed. Its awful, so i am working out getting him out of there, but in the mean time we need to be alone for a night. I keep asking him to get his mother to watch our son over night, but he never bothers to ask her. We NEED this night. I dont want to go to counseling, because then ill be admitting to him that i think we are losing love, and i dont want to do that to him. I dont want him to think i dont love him or to put in his head that we shouldnt be togehter. I dont know if that makes sense. Basically what im saying is that i want to work on things. I want us to be together for ever. I really do, and i dont know whats wrong with me to even be thinking these thoughts. thank you for listening. As much as it hurt to get this out, i know feel relief.
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