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  1. My main problem is that I really do not want to deal with a relationship at all. Simply because my mind isn't really geared towards the whole "date for a month, break up and get someone new" thing(Which may be hyperbole) I think I don't want to be infatuated because I'm scared of this kind of thing. I deal with couples having problems all the time, so I know what to expect. But when I want to approach her(which I do sometimes) I feel afraid and timid. Although I am a loud and very outspoken fellow. She invokes feelings of nervousness and confusion, and I seriously don't like it. So I end up b
  2. Hey there everyone! Now being in high school, becoming infatuated with someone is quite common, I see it all the time. Most of the people end up together for a short while and break up a little later. So my question is, how do you get past an infatuation? I am not a big fan of the concept of dating in high school since it usually never rolls over well. But for the past two years or so I've had this ridiculous infatuation with this one girl in my class. We aren't really alike and the logical side of me doesn't understand why I'm attracted to her at all. So how do I get past those feelings?
  3. Hello. So I have this friend Jack. At one point we were best friends. In fact he was like a brother to me. But, every time he gets a new girlfriend, he always ends up hanging out with her more than me. Almost to the point where he barely notices me at all. Now I understand that all relationships require time and sacrifice, but does that sacrifice involve letting your friends down? The worst part is I'm not sure what to think. I keep end up getting angry with his girlfriend, even though she is clearly not the issue. Jack doesn't really know what is going on with me, but thats probably becaus
  4. Hello. My name is BrokenLaughter, I'm a teen of the age 17. I've had some rough times in my life, and I've grown in wisdom and experience through these problems. I give advice to people, mostly my classmates. They usually end up coming to me for all sorts of help and whatnot. So I normally have plenty of people experience. But where do those who give advice go for advice themselves? I really have no one who can help me, so I'm turning to you guys for some help. Plus I would also enjoy doing my best to help others here as well. Yes, I know I'm young and I might not be able to hel
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