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  1. My girlfriend isn't very sexually "open" so it would need to be something descrete. I'm going to try the condoms, and the technique from willie. thanks
  2. I honestly dont care if my girlfriend gets a lap dance. As long as I get to watch.
  3. I find condoms are usually a One Size Fits All type of deal. As for the Gspot. The best way to find this is while fingering her. If she is on her back, have your finger inside her with your palm up. curl your finger inwards towards her stomach and you'll notice a certain way/spot that makes her start breathing heavily. Find it in foreplay and go from there.
  4. Okay, I've had to read a whole bunch of sex problem stories, now its my turn. SO. Heres the problem(s). I've had sex several times before, well only like 10, and every single time its different, and I have NO clue why. Sometimes I can last until they come, sometimes I can't. The WORST probelm I'm having right now is not being able to hold it long enough, sometime its as bad as 5 strokes. I've read like everything on premature ejaculation and I can do the "squeeze" technique fine, and when I'm masterbating alone (kay it gets explicit now) I can control it just fine. But as soon as it comes to having sex I can't control it. Tonight I had another problem, I couldn't keep my erection. THAT pissed me off the most. I have never had that problem before and I couldn't get it up there but didn't want to flex it too much because i was scared of coming too early. ANY ADVICE??
  5. Quick question: [Where/How do you like being kissed] Long question: I have kissed alot of girls and know that every girl is different but I want to know what the more popular areas are. When kissing a girl (not in public) for foreplay, what turns you on the most? Sucking on the bottom lip, kissing your nick, sucking the neck, nibbling the ears.. What is the best spot to kiss/way to kiss that you find gets you going the most?
  6. gobanger


    I havent had anal sex but when fingering is involved i put it in the front before putting it in the back and after that it stays wet all night even if you take a break. Put it in her vagina for a bit until you're sure its wet then go for anal.
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