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  1. Myself!

    Army is going to make me a real man!Be useful for a change!Be someone!

    And do something that I can tell my grand grand children about.

    Even if I get killed, like it will matter to me..If not,I will be a better person than I am now.


    And the propaganda machine claims yet another victim . . . I don't see how killing people makes you a man. If anything it makes you less of one. If you really want to do "something useful," work towards a non-violent solution towards your nations troubles. Don't contribute towards the cycle of violence.

  2. The happy me was swallowed up by the huge hole in the Ozone layer, beaten to death by a C average president, and blinded by t-shirts that have "Who Needs Brains When I Have These" written accross the breasts.


    Joking, of course.


    If your looking for friends, join a club. A lot of people who have similar interests all gathered in one place. You should find some people to hang out with.

  3. Your letter was great. Most letters like that come off as corny or forced. Yours . . . That was from the heart. And the fact that a guy can see that speaks volumes. Her response, on the other hand . . . I think a cat with it's paws cut off could have written a better one. She doesn't like you nearly as much as you like her. If I were you, I'd end it.


    Seriously, you've been dating for four-and-a-half months and she's already asking you about marriage? She's either overly clingy or a manipulative . Neither are qualities I'd want in a wife.

  4. The poem's not bad, it just lacks, flow. You've got something, but you need to work on your choice of words. When you finish a poem, read it out loud to yourself. When you walk into a club, could you imagine someone giving a reading of this?


    7/10. Solid, it just lacks flow.

  5. Okay, I have a very good friend, we've been hanging out for a while. But when we first started hanging out, everyone would tell me "You should totally ask her out (and other, more idiotic and more vulgar re-phrasings of this)." After a while, people finally realized that we had no romantic interest in each other, and stopped "encouraging" me.


    But recently, she's (quite obviously) began to make moves to try to get closer. But it's fairly ambiguous, nothing would lead me to believe she's suddenly developed romantic inclinations towards me. Around the same time, people started up the, "You two should date" crap again, which bugged me, I thought people were past that. Then something weird happened, one of my friend's was talking to one of her friend's about my romantic life, or lack-thereof (why, I don't know). Then her friend said to him, "Would he say yes if *she* asked him out." He then called me up and told me what she said.


    And that's my problem. Should I take all this at all seriously, or just chalk it up to people being idiots (that happens a lot, I am in high school)? I really value my friendship with her, and wouldn't want to jeopardize it by asking her out.

  6. actually, romantic love and intimacy have been shown to be factors contributing to mental and physical health - so there!!


    And, as I stated earlier, other studies have shown thats it's comparable to OCD. Conflicting studies. You chose to believe the study that supports your optimist attitude, and I chose the one that better feeds my nihilism.


    Of course, I think you're completely wrong. Most of the studies that I've seen that support romantic love and intimacy base their findings on "yeah, he says that he's happier . . ." I'd like some links to these, studies.


    So there.


    And before you say it, link removed, should be quite a few studies there supporting my view, but, who knows?

  7. so what came first do you think, the feeling of love or the chemical "imbalance"?


    The feeling of "love" is almost always caused by having too-little serotonin. Sure, there are those times when two people actually like each other, but most of the time it's just, at a basic level, OCD focused on a person.


    If you really think of it, almost anything could be defined as a mental illness. But expanding the definition of mental illness too much waters down the real meaning. I have worked with numerous truly mentally ill people before, and telling me that being in love is the same as the illness those people are suffering shows how out of touch some people are with the true meaning of "mental illness."


    No one ever said it was a serious mental illness.

  8. If these things are the only problems you have with the world, then you've got a lot to learn.


    People have been obsessed with sex since the beginning of time. It's an evolutionary urge, to spread you seeds, start the next generation. Nothing you can do about that.


    I'd recommend taking some Sociology courses, might help you better understand why people act the way they do.

  9. We just love to give people these little acronyms, don't we? Makes people easier to deal with with, helps us to think about them a little less. OCD, ADD, ADHD . . . Fact is ADHD is one of the most mis-diagnosed symptoms in the world. Ever think that your kid just might have a little more energy than most? If its not affecting his life, why should it matter?


    If you insist on medicating him, just don't give him ritilan.

  10. She chokes herself using rope; she also ties herself up so that if she struggles or passes out, it will pull the rope tighter.


    Your friend is an idiot. There's no nicer way to put it.


    But I can see how this might become addicting. Her body becomes accustomed to the level of sexual pleasure the chocking brings her, and it won't settle for anything less. A sexual therapist might help, but it might not. She's probably going to have to fix this herself. The only thing you can do is tell her the truth. Its not "if" she'll hurt herself, its when she'll hurt herself. Little you can do beside that.


    And the same goes for you and your bondage fetish.

  11. Girls don't approach guys because society perpetuates a stigma that it's the guys job to work up the balls to ask out a girl. Its hard, only worth it half the time, and there's always that fear of rejection hanging over your head. All rationality would tell you not to do it, so why do we do it?


    Infatuation and lust hold more precedent in our brains than logic and reason. Whole nations have crumbled because they had a horny king. There is absolutely no logic behind the insipid little dance we like to play with the opposite sex. You can go on and on about how obvious the signs are, but from what I've seen, most (successful) relationships only start because the confident spills the beans to the other party, or someone sets the couple up.


    And most of those so called "signs" that someone’s interested in you are completely arbitrary and vary from person-to-person. Girl A might look into your eyes because she wants in your pants, while girl B looks into them because she thinks it polite during conversation. And girl C could just be looking into them because she thinks they look cool.


    I'm in complete agreement with TiredMan on this one. And sorry for the rant, this has been on my cheast for a long time.

  12. Okay. There's this girl in my Science class. We've been friends for a while, and I used to like her. All my friends said she liked me too, but I decided not to listen to the advice of a bunch of guys who have mostly never had girlfriends. We haven't really hung out much since I stopped going outside for lunch (its friggin' cold in the winter!), so I don't get to talk to her much.


    Now, I've noticed that, as of late, she's been looking directly at me alot. And she'll quickly turn her head when she notices that I saw her. Should I take this as a sign that, hey, the guys were right. Or am I just reading into it too much?

  13. Your body perspires when your nervous. The only way to fix that is to stop getting nervous. And you might want to try, you know, talking to her? You thinking she's cute is not a solid foundation for a relationship. Music is usually a good ice breaker. And, you never know, you could find out something about her that completely turns you off, (like, she listens to the Newsboys, and you listen to System of a Down). Chicks dig confidence, I know it might be a little hard to muster it up but, it'll greatly help your cause.


    And grammar is you friend. Variable width fonts are not.

  14. You're both in the wrong. Your Roommate for allowing your "guests" (I hessitate to call them that) to act like that so late at night (or early in the morning) while you had work to do. But you are at fault for not having the courage to face your Roommate about the issue directly.


    Of couse, my opinion about the guests and there music depends entierly on what music they were playing. What were they playing?

  15. One time, she even kissed me on my cheek in front of all the people.


    she even kissed me on my cheek


    kissed me on my cheek


    Dude, I'm the dumbest person in the world about things like this, but even I'd realize, with a sign that f***ing big, "uh, she won't say no."


    And all that "I think you're really handsome" stuff is a pretty big clue, also.


    I say go for it.

  16. Really, you all seem to be focusing on the wrong thing. There's a huge leap from "damaging your car" to offing yourself. She abused you, and the last thing you want to do, whatwentwrong19, is put your self back into that situation. If I were you, I'd call the cops, she's scared you, she's thrown a bottle through your window, she set your freakin' car on fire! She's not stable. Don't go back to her, regardless of what she claims she'll do.


    Oh, and don't do the whole taser thing. Bad idea.

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