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  1. Hi folks. Thanks for the replies. I'm glad my situation is being taken seriously here. I really didn't know who I could talk to about this. I don't think my parents would understand, and I don't think many people would understand or treat me as kindly as I'm being treated here. I appreciate it. I would have posted again much, much sooner, but between AP exam prep and seeing her in the hospital I've been really pressed for time these past couple weeks. I'll try to address some of what's been said in this thread. I understand that I haven't said much to make it clear, but I honestly
  2. Hi everyone, This is the first time I've posted here for advice, but I really don't know what to do. I'm a senior in high school, and my sister would be a sophomore, if she were going to school. My parents handle all the medical work, so I don't know much about treatment or any specifics, but my sister has pretty advanced leukemia and has spent more time in the hospital than at home for the past couple years. Starting about a year ago, my mom started guilting me into going to visit my sister. I didn't really want to since she and I never were very close, but I wound up spending more and
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