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  1. Thank You for your responses and advice. I did try to talk to him today but he's such a model student that I guess he feels the need to be in his next class as soon as the pevious one ends. Which really works agians you when your trying to talk to someone. It also does'nt help that he spends his whole lunch period on the computer. I tried to talk to him after school but his parents always arrive minutes after school ends as though their scared he's going to be stolen or something, anyway all I got to say was "hi" before he climbed into his parents van but I'm pretty sure he heard because he looked at me and sorta smiled...but I still felt like a dork...
  2. Okay, I'm in high school and there's this asian guy I like. Only problem is he's really shy, as in I've never heard him speak beyond class presentations. I really want to speak to him only thing is... I'm a closet shy person. All through middle and junior high school I've been to shy to speak. Its only been through people coming up to me and starting a conversation that I've made friends and when I'm around my friends I'm a whole different person, loud, crazy, outgoing. I really want to talk and be friends with him but I'm nervous about what he thinks of me because he's only seen me acting stupid and immature around my friends. I've tried to talk to him when I see him alone but I haven't had the courage to go up to him and talk. Not that I would know what to say if I did. I really don't know what submitting this will solve but I think he likes me, I've seen him look at me a lot I know this because I've been looking at him a lot. Gosh I'm a dork! Anyway any response will be appreciated.
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