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  1. it's not an ACTUAL snap, but the sound of it. i know whut she's talking about. hahahaha.
  2. agreed. he's totally just enjoying it. my boyfriend'll tell me to open my eyes sometimes. cause i tend to close my eyes. just because of how good it feels. even thought he's incredibly attractive.
  3. i told her. it was so incredibly hard. she knew that i had had it before. twice that she knew of. with 2 other partners. she took it really well. and was pround of me. we haven't fully discussed it. but i told her that i'm 'asking her to put me on birt control, not saying that it's ok. because i'm infact not, and i suppose i'm not mature enough to be doing such things. but if me and my current boyfriend are going to do this again, i want to be safe' my boyfriend supported me completely on telling her. btw, for everyone who's wondered his age. he's 15, and in my grade. and it was his virginity. but my 17 year old sister said it was stupid. and that i'm not messing things up for her. i'm proud of myself! and i'd really like to thank everyone. all of you who gave me really great/helpful advice today.
  4. having sex. and advice on how to start the convo?! PLEASE! i'm shaking and crying. and my tummy is tensing up. and i feel like i'm gonna vomit.
  5. i've had it, and acted on it as well. but afterwards i never seem to be satisfied. and the feelings gone away, but on occasion it's lasted but it seems she just wanted a little sumthing sumthing. =/
  6. from a girls point of view, i expect him to kiss me. let him know that it hurts your feeling that he will do that to you then kiss you, but you can't kiss him after doing that. and ask him if he understands. because YOU'RE pleasuring him, as a favor. but then he won't kiss your lips. it's not fair. try taking to him.
  7. no, i'm not using protection of anysort. =/ yeah he 'pulls out' but i'm bound to get pregnant sooner or later. idk it's like, i almost want to stop. but i can't come to make myself.
  8. I'm a freshman and I'm 14. I've been having sex since my 8th grade year, a week after I turned 14. I was involved with a guy who had done these things, and I suppose I felt I needed to keep up, since I 'loved' him. I know it was MUCH too early. And I severly regret it. My mom ended up finding a note that had something about it. And I was busted, this past summer she caught me in the pool with another boy. She was OUTRAGED! Even with the fear of my mother, I couldn't stop. I also had a few more partners. I now have a boyfriend who I've had since August, I was his first kiss. And by October, we were having sex. He wasn't a boy who just wanted a piece of you know what. He really loves me. And our relationship ISN'T all about that. But I can't stop. I want to so badly, but my hormones over ride my ability to just not. He'd respect me saying no, but I never do. My mom always said that she would never put me on birthcontrol because that's saying it's 'ok', when it's not. I want to tell her, so badly. I need to be on the pill. But I'm afriad she's going to make me break up with him. And this boy has gotten me to do so many great things, to stop drink, smoking, and doint drugs. And that would make me want to be rebellious if she did that, and I would go and do bad things. I just, I don't know what to do, or how to tell her. PLEASE HELP!
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