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  1. i dont handle disrespect that well. 1. he hooks up with my ex three weeks after we broke up 2. he doesnt tell me, i need to hear it from someone else. im going to confront him tomorow and i know fighting wont fix it, but i just feel that he needs it. and i dont think they plan on getting together so im not ruining anything. its just the nerve of HIM to do that to ME is what bugs me. thank you for all the replies.
  2. i mean its disrespectful of my friend. she can date whoever she wants, but its my friends choice if he would or wouldnt hookup with her.
  3. so, i was just told that my one of my pretty good friends hooked up with my ex! my ex and i broke up a month ago because of a lack of attraction. im completely over her, but i think its just disrect of him to do that to me. ima kick his . any other suggestions?
  4. hi everyone! okay, so my ex and i broke up a few weeks back. it was mutual and after 8 months, things began to get a bit dull. but i miss her and i want her back. i have been researching and i have found ebook sites about how to get your ex back in 2 days, and other pages like this. is that information stuff you can find here on enotalone? i talked to her about it already, and she said its probably best for me to move on. is there any hope you think? thanks
  5. wow, thank you so much for that great response frisco. but i dont think shes making it up tho. i think that people really did tell her that "i broke up with her" and shes upset because thats not what happened. and im upset because its something i need to clear up both with the people who told her that and HER. i also dont think she is hurting as much as i am becuase if anything it was her that broke up with me. things became a little mundane after 9 months with school and all so and we both realized it and decided to end it. another reason why its harder to get back together is, shes a year older than me and she is going to college in 6 months and that we would have to break up again anyways. and she doesnt want to get hurt later down the road so she is hesitant to get back together. any ideas on what i can say to persuade her that "it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all"? thank you everyone!
  6. so i started NC with my ex last week. we broke up mutually after things began to get dull. however, i heard from my friend that my ex heard that ive been saying that "i broke up with her." now the ex is mad. should i break no contact to explain it to her? thanks
  7. hi, thank you for all of your responses. we have ben together for 8 months. we are still in contact, but i try to limit it very much. it was a mutual breakup.
  8. my girlfriend and i broke up because that "new relationship" feeling wore out and things became mundane. After a week or so, it began to sink in that i did need her and i miss her. however, in this type of situation, would NC be a smart move? any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  9. so, the purpose of NC is to heal after you break up right? so how does it help if you want to get back with your ex? shouldnt you still try to keep in touch, but limit it to a minimum but keep those times positive? my girlfriend and i broke up a couple weeks back, it was mutual. we felt that things became mundane and it had lost its spark. any suggestions on how to get back together and make things work again? maybe take a break? thank you everyone
  10. would it be wise to use jealousy to your advantage to getting back with your ex? or would that just push them away? thanks
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