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  1. For the most part naw, it's all good fun and kind words. I get called *cutie, gorgeous, hot*...ect. It's totally normal for girls and boys to do this who are friends.
  2. Your the star of your own hot and juicy *one night stand.* Personally, it doesn't rock my cookies. I guess, for some it's a way to pass the sexual frustration and tension one may be feeling or have. And yes, alot of people do, do it. It's amazing too, how many do it when there partner's away and how it's becoming an not so uncommon occurrence these days. However, if one is in a relationship where sex is scarce (ie. long distance, cyber...), it can be an emotional filler...sometimes it's better rather than letting the *cookie* bake for to long. Now with strangers, I take it as a joke. And, see it as a desperate attempt to get the cookies off...but hey rather a cyber * * * * than in the *real* world, right? Haha, needless to say I've did it here and there...but not my kinda thing. If I want a good sex story, I'll just read a Joanna Lindsay.
  3. The thing that really makes me hot is a nice, strong back. I don't know what it is but, whoa drives me nuts in love...haha!
  4. It's funny, that so many people believe that love is all rainbows and candy... This is especially true with the whole 'soul-mate' aspect, I mean common don't sell us those over-flaked pop tunes that don't even cut what love really is and what it's seen for..which when it comes down too it; Lust, Sex and Devotion. Wrap that all together, and you get the whole package called 'love,' and all the binding emotions that goes along with it. ...my view anyways.
  5. Let me hope I'll age gracefully, haha. You can still be a knock-out at 60, you just have too take care of yourself. My grandma's living proof she's almost 70 and looks like a bomshell when she get's her hair done, dolls up a bit. Age is nothing but a number; anyone can be a knock-out at any age...it's a matter of taking pride in one's image and keeping it up over the years!
  6. B, I couldn't live without my looks. I rather live life as a goddess and not finding love, than live one as being hideous with love... I guess, what I'm saying is that image is what I love most because yes, I'm that damn vain. I live for lust and yes, I live for my image also. I can handle being single...besides, I'm already living it and I seem to be ok.
  7. Jokingly, yes I have. On a serious note, I have yet to say those three words and mean them.
  8. Whoa! I thought that was 'me' for a second... Every chance I get, I'll marvel at my appearance; whether it'd be a mirror, window...anything reflective. I'm always primping, priming, and showing off too myself. Even down too the way I walk, sway my hips, ect...I'm in love with myself and obsessed with my own beauty. I'm very, very vain and think myself Aphrodite; a live, living, breathing, goddess. I'm vanity to the core, conceited beyond belief... I drip in self-confidence, self-image, and the superficial. I consider myself supreme and yes, I parade myself like a peacock, and I'm a proud one at that! Even writing this, makes me all the more cocky...and sound like a jerk!
  9. Well the old 'will you go out with me' routine is a clear cut sign... But as for signs it can be bushels of things, it honestly depends on the girl at hand. Though, mostly clear indications are excuses too see/talk too you, if she's flirtatious, touchy/feely, and the like. Some girls are more shy than others, so we all have different ways too express interest. My advice, look into her eyes and see how she responds to whatever it is the two of you are doing/talking about...eyes tell alot, so read them!
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