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  1. Wow. Had another counseling on Thursday. Before going in, I didn't really feel that much. No anxiety or anything. Coming out I went really down. Just before the session ended, she said to me "you're feeling very vulnerable". I then realised I had just about wrapped both arms around myself. From then on, I've felt shocking. Thinking about my ex a lot. My sister spoke to her on Thursday. She was going to tell me what they talked about but I told her I don't want to know anything that's going on in my exes life. Any reasons why it's suddenly hit me life a brick after nearly 7 weeks of no contact? I know 7 weeks is nothing after 12 years but the strength of emotions nearly overwhelmed me. ps. Still nobody interested in the house
  2. Catren: yes. Been up for sale for just over a month now.
  3. Things are going okay, I guess. I know that I haven't let go and still harbour hopes of a reconciliation with my ex. But it's only been a month since we last had any contact. That's nothing after a 12 year relationship, I know. My sister went out for a meal with my ex. I know I shouldn't have let her tell me what they talked about, but I did. My ex said to my sister "If I think I've made a mistake, I'll just have to live with it". Same words she said to in the beginning. She said she misses me but doesn't know if that's just because she's lonely or she loves me. I hurt now.
  4. baddasslegend92: I'm pleased for you. Take it easy. I haven't had any contact with my ex for nearly a month. She did say to me that, if she thought she'd made a mistake, she wouldn't do anything about it. Blew me away that. We'd been a couple for 12 years.
  5. OMG! Today I felt like my head was going to explode. I was getting more and more wound up by the lack of fairness on my exes part regarding the mortgage payments. I just logged onto my bank account and hovered over cancelling the direct debit. Didn't cancel it though. I want to! ;-)
  6. I try hard To put you out of mind Every night alone I'm thinking 'bout you How can I avoid this Pain without you I won't cry I won't be sorry no more I know that this is something I'll get over Maybe I can learn to love another It's just a matter of time A matter of time Just because I lock myself in my room It doesn't mean that I'm afraid to talk to Those people I know that might have you seen you No return I keep reminding myself I won't look back Won't regret a single moment I gonna mend this heart inside you've broken It's just a matter of time A matter of time It's just a matter of time A matter of time Show me the way They say safety in numbers I lift up my eyes to the sky And imagine a crowd Of hearts that surround me And give the me courage to die Were you to weep And lie at my feet Then you'd wash all My troubles away And imagine the host Of angels around me That give me the courage to die
  7. heheh...Sorry. I didn't mean 'letters', I meant post addressed to me. I was going to go over to the house this weekend to pick them up while she's at her mums (she always goes to see her mum on a Saturday). No point now. (Final two things I need to change address for. Now I shouldn't get any mail at all at the old place.)
  8. Looks like my ex has been here. Letters sent to my old address have been posted through the letterbox. Why is my heart pounding?
  9. She could refuse to sell it. We both have to agree. it could get very messy, but I don't want that. I think I've been really fair. Hell!, she dumped me yet I moved out. The house is our only tie left. I can properly move on once it's out of the way. There is one thing I could do. I can withhold mortgage payments. Then the house gets repossessed by the mortgage lender and sold. We both get nothing. sigh. nar ;-)
  10. The utility bills are all in her name now. I paid them up to the end of Feb. Took my name off all the bills and left her name on them.
  11. Locke2121: I've already done all that. Only thing left now is the mortgage and insurances.
  12. Just back from another counseling session and also seeing a solicitor. The session went well. It really is helping me face upto the issues I have. The counselor is great too. The solicitor told me what I already knew. My ex doesn't have to pay a thing towards the mortgage. She's entitled to stay in the house until it's sold and she will get 50% of the profits. It's the law. That's as maybe but I think it's morally wrong. It's unfair and I'm pretty angry at the moment. Only hope is if it's sold soon. I've already paid about £1800 in mortgage payments and if it takes a few more months to be sold, I'll be well out of pocket. Grrrr ;-)
  13. I've been doing fine...or so I thought. Found out that one of my sisters is doing her hardest to stay friends with my ex. They went circuit training tonight. Why is it angering me? I feel like my sister is siding with my ex. She hasn't shown any thought to my feeling since dumping me in December. Hasn't paid a penny towards the upkeep of the mortgage, and my sister wants to be friends with her. I feel betrayed. Well, perhaps betrayed is a bit strong but I do feel hurt. Very strange. I'll be having words with my counselor this Thursday about it. ;-)
  14. I never said a word to my ex. I just packed up all my clothes and left. Not spoken to her or had any contact whatsoever for nearly 3 weeks now. All I need is for someone to get her to pay for her half of the mortgage and I'll be happy(ish) ;-)
  15. I never told my ex a thing. I grabbed my stuff whilst she was out, 17 days ago....not had any contact with her since then. She told me she longer wanted me, why should I tell her what I was doing?
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