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  1. I haven't seen her since she lasted suggested the lube. However I had that idea... the only problem is a have a severe phobia of needles (I get panic attacks) so getting surgery is not an option until I am desensitized to them or I'm able to be completely knocked out before and after any IV is put in. But then again the thought that I had an IV in me would trigger a panic attack like the time looking at the bump on my arm for an injection did....
  2. I've been sexually active now since August, and it still hurts to have sex. I never thought it was a problem of lubrication, however with the advice of my gynecologist, I began using astroglide. That didnt help much. I've tried different positions, and the least painful seems to be when i'm lying flat, without bending my legs up. Even then, I'm not getting waves of pleasure. When I went to the gynecologist for my first pelvic exam, she said that I had a pronounced pubic bone. She said that she can "feel it right there" when she placed a finger just inside my vagina. You dont have to push on the walls of my vagina to feel it. The textbook pictures I've seen show a small distance between the pubic bone and the urethra, and between the urethra and vagina, but those spaces are non existent for me! In fact, simply looking, I can't see my urethra. I have to bear down for it to become visible, and I just feel as if my anatomy down there is all wrong! And no, I'm not some young girl who isnt aware of anatomy. I swear to you that my urethra is just inside my vagina. It's so weird. I think that maybe the uncomfortable feeling I have while having sex is due to the rubbing of my urethra back and forth against my pubic bone. Here's a picture (lol i know, awkward...) image removed Has anyone else had this problem/something similar or have any advice?
  3. At first, I thought oral was dirty and disgusting, and that i would NEVER ever do it. i was sort of intimidated by the whole thing, until i read something (on enotalone, as a matter of fact!) that put me at ease, and more willing to do it- "don't treat it as just a penis, but as an extension of the guy you're with." now that i've tried oral, its not as dirty to me anymore, and on the whole, i enjoy giving it.
  4. One time i was giving my boyfriend a blow job, and he kept on giggling for no reason. I asked him two or three times what was so funny, and each time he said "nothing". Later on while cuddling he told me that the reason he was giggling so much was that he really had to fart, and was trying so hard to keep it in, and that he found it extremely amusing. And also, my parents and his parents don't think it's appropriate that we sleep in the same bed and such. So when he come to stay the weekend, he tells his mom that he's staying at my house, and I tell my mom that we are staying at his summer house nearby, with his parents home (and they arent actually there). This gives us complete privacy, and we have a lot of fun in that house. A few months ago my boyfriend's parents put the house up for sale. One time when me and my guy stayed there, we never bothered to put our clothes back on after our heavy makeput session the night before. We were rudely awakened the next morning by a woman banging on the door, and eventually letting herself in.... while my bf and i are sleeping in the nude still! Thank goodness we heard her before she came upstairs... it was the new realtor, wanting to put up signs and such. She was surprised when she came and saw cars in the driveway-she was expecting the house to be empty- so she had gone inside to investigate.
  5. At first I thought cybersex was weird, until it just sorta happened one night with my bf. It was awesome. We are in a long distance relationship, and we won't be seeing each other for a few more weeks once the semester ends. The session lasted 2 and a half hours... oh it was great, i was so aroused the entire time, and thinking of my boyfriend on the other end getting off was pretty hot. It's another way to explore your fantasies. They don't have to be acted on in real life, but this can be a good precursor to it. I read that some of you find it weird to cyber with anyone other than someone random, and not your SO.... I feel the opposite. I think it would be weird with someone I didn't know or had romantic feelings for.
  6. For me, it was almost a year after we started dating. I think it took so long because I was his first girlfriend/ he was my first boyfriend, and we were 14.
  7. Now if only she had posted how things turned out....
  8. There's a websites where you can get the Morning after pill without a prescription, but you must be 18 or older. I haven't personally used it, I only came accross it in my web surfing. link removed
  9. Maybe for the first time you shouldnt swallow, but instead when he comes, taste it a bit(thats what i plan to do). He should hopefully be understanding about this being the forst time giving a bj, and wont expect you to swallow the first time. And if you do gag, just laugh it off. This is a time to be exploring sexuality, and no one gets it exactly right the first time.
  10. I would marry him because I love him, not just for the sex. I would definitely not leave him simply because of not wanting to have sex before marriage.
  11. I will be 19 in May, and I'm still a virgin. I've been with my boyfriend for almost 5 and a half years now, and we have not had sex yet. (Although I forsee it happening soon... ) When I think about losing my virginity to the guy I'm with, the thought of it makes me want to cry, because it makes me happy to think that I would be losing my virginity to this wonderful person who means the world to me. It seems to me as if this was a postive experience for you, unlike what I've heard from my friends about their first time.
  12. I read on a website (i cant remember which one, and i dont have a link, sorry. but im sure that you can look it up) that it is necessary for men to masturbate regularly, or at least release the built up semen through sex, otherwise there can be complications of some sort. i forget what exactly! grr. next time i'll be sure to be able to cite my sources.....
  13. It's not a problem of not being wet enough, I seem to produce enough natural lubrication. I've been thinking about it though, and i think it hurt when he put 2 fingers in is because of the friction from the one finger that had not been in already. So next time i'm with my boyfriend i'll tell him to put one finger in, then the other, and THEN go for two at the same time.
  14. So true! I dunno, it hard to explain. We have grown up with being taught that these are our private parts, and for our whole lives we have covered up this area of our bodies (forget infancy and such), and now to finally expose it... it takes some getting used to. I thin kthat it also has to do with being self conscious about our bodies.
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