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  1. Well, yesterday I graduated high school. And usually that'd be a great thing. But now for the time being I have nothing to do. Yes yes, I'm going to get a job, etc. I'm going to go to college. But things don't just happen suddenly, I have to wait a little to go to college and I have to go out looking for a job. But right now, I have this overwhelming feeling of fear. While I didn't like a lot of people in High School, that's where people knew me, and it'd be nice to be able to talk to a friend you didn't expect that day. But now I'm heading to college soon and that's scary enough, but it relates to my previous threat about the girl who she and I no longer talk. Well...things could have been so much better if we were together, I'd be happy now because I would be able to spend time with her. Now I think about that and I feel like crying each time because I can't tell her I graduated, I can't tell her that I'd like to hang out, or even that I could. The typical answer is "find a hobby", I know. I'm probably going to sign up at the gym soon and....I don't know right now, things just haven't come to me yet. I've been really stressed lately and I just wish I had that girl...I would have been so much more happy but I don't and I feel really horrible and scared. It shouldn't be up to her to make me less scared, sure but the point it is I feel consumed by everything that's happened all at the same time lately.
  2. Thanks for the little advice I got. But it seems very mixed. Some people tell me that yes there is a such thing as redeeming one's self. Others don't believe so. And Day_Walker, she is acting strange because she wouldn't have made the action of making out with me if she were in the right mind.
  3. Like doesn't go away just like that. And besides, that doesn't answer my question anyway. We're not talking so it's not like that matters right now, even if it true.
  4. I posted a topic in another section of this website. In a nutshell, a girl liked me and I had liked her. We remained friends for some time and were happy. Till recently she became strange and "confused". Well, this confusion has led her to stray away from me and try to avoid my calls. So I finally called her this morning and told her nicely that she's making a mistake, and apologized for ever hurting her, that I'll leave it up to her to call me when she feels she's ready. 1-2 weeks ago, she went back and fourth "I like you" "I don't like you like that", she makes out with me "I like you". Not she says she doesn't like me like that again. Am I too real for her? I understand she's been through an abusive relationship but....our friendship meant alot to me. I cried myself to sleep 2 days in a row(yes, I'm wussy). I made a big mistake after my break up with my ex, instead of strengthening myself mentally, I sttrived to make myself physically strong. Now I am, but you can't work out your heart with weights, so I learned something from this. But I never would have expected this from her, she really is not the same person she used to be. So here are my questions to you, I'd appreciate answers and thank you so much: 1)Can I really just disappear, to reappear at a later time to resume a good relationship with her? 2)If so, can it turn into "like" again? 3)Is there really a such thing as being "confused" to make you do idiotic things for a period time? 4)If she doesn't call me by February 23rd(her birthday), should I mail her a birthday card or call her to wish her a happy birthday? The reason I ask is from personal experience. One time I became upset and "confused" and chose to stop talking to my friends, including a good friend of mine. After a little we started talking again, and our friendship seemed better. A friend I know had a bad break up with his girlfriend only to get back together with her and share and even better relationship then before. Redemption is a tricky thing, but can it happen in this case? The time she isn't talking to me, I'm going to try to improve myself of course, I always try. I won't be exactly dwelling, just hoping. Afterall, "hope is a great thing, one of the best things out there. You can't kill a good thing".
  5. Blender is right. When me and my ex broke up, I constantly wanted to talk to her, send her things, bought her presents, BIG MISTAKE! Eventually I just stopped caring, and did nothing for a while. She messaged me before my birthday, and broke and NC of months. Messaged me again before Christmas. But it seems like she had a major break down after we broke up as she is or was acting to be pretty insane. Either way, she was looking for attention. That girl can be the most arrogant girl ever, and for her to break NC just for attention from me...heh I'm sure there're alot more girls out there who do the same.
  6. Thanks Keefy. I thought maybe I could do that and be her friend where it can possibly be more again. But I don't even know if that's possible, or if I even should.
  7. I posted a topic about it but the story has changed. Basically me and a friend of mine had liked eachother for a long time. But her feelings changed very suddenly. At first it was because she didn't want to admit she liked me anymore since she was scared to, she was abused by her ex. I stayed with her through thick and thin, but now she's sadly found another that she took "interest" in. She says she no longer likes me like that and feels it's too hard to talk to me. I had planned to just be her friend knowing I probably didn't have a chance but maybe there would be along the way, if not then it's good all the same. I liked her, for her. Not because I KNEW we were going to go out, because even in the darkest of times with her, I stayed loyal. The reason I asked these questions is because, well...I want to know if you guys think sense will hit her and she can just turn around and want to establish a good friendship with me again...
  8. I know that I've posted many times since I've joined about the same thing and I'm so sorry. But I've finally broke...The girl I liked and waited for, is now avoiding me. It makes me so sad...not only because it's her but so many have thrown me away in the past...including my own father. Why? Do I need to isolate myself more? What did I do wrong...Whatever the details, thoughts of anger and suicide have shrouded my mind. I know it's happened to many people, but Justin no longer can deal with it. I'm not saying this as a plea for attention, and I could kind of anticipate what people are going to tell me here. "It happens to many people" and "you just need to find another" right? That isn't the point, growing up only gets harder. I'm 18 and I can't handle it right now, I'm too sensitive for this world. I'm too nice to not let myself get trapped again, I'm not fit for a never ending cycle. Most of all...I'm a coward. I want to commit suicide, in fact I have medication that I can simply overdose on, heh seemed to work in Vanilla Sky. But I'm afraid of death, just as I'm afraid of being hurt.
  9. Justin is going through a nervous break down... Girls and guys, have you ever had a friend that you got to know for a while and saw great potential in the friend to be your future boyfriend/girlfriend? But along the line you got to know someone else despite your original friend's loyalty to you. Lets say this new person, you take an interest in, etc. Knowing that the original friend is very upset by your decision but is still willing to be your friend whose there for you through thick and thin, would you realize the error of your ways or at least reconsider your original crush?
  10. Thank you Jeffrey, but it seems in my experience with many....they just seem to take advantage of it. Anyway, I called her and she said she wasn't mad at me. She found someone else who she's taken interest in. She said she doesn't like him yet though. So I kind of reminded her of the things we went through, and the fun we've had. She said she's just confused and I admitted that I knew why and that it's because of her ex. She agreed with everything I said and just said "I've just been really confused lately" and assured her that I was with her every step of the way, just so long as she makes an effort to remember why she liked me in the first place(not that she's forgotten, but to reinforce my point). And that was it, she said she really needed to think and to give her a little time. It saddens me that I'm so expendable, but I don't know if this is the end...
  11. Perhaps it was too late....I sent her 3 text messages(only fit 160 digits per message so I had to, to get my point accross) and no such response...I i only messaged her a little while ago and I suppose I was expecting an instant reply but...no. I know it seems like I'm throwing in the towel a bit early, but I don't see much hope.
  12. Thanks everyone. I hope nothing changes from this, because she liked me and I liked her. I was having a very bad day, and I'm continuing to have some pretty lousy days, but she is mostly on my mind. I don't want to do it too soon because I wanted to give her time to sort her mind out.
  13. Hi again guys...I recently posted a topic about a problem I'm having involving a girl that liked me, and I had liked. One day I was having a bad day, so was she apparently. We reacted in different ways, I with anger and she with sadness. She did something a bit irresponsible that got me mad, and I snapped a bit. She got defensive and told me she didn't want to talk to me anymore. I've asked some girls about what exactly it means when a girl says "I don't want to talk to you" in this type of situation. Some say she wants to see how I react, others just say the obvious which is that she is mad at me. I am going to apologize but I'm incredibly scared. I'm scared that she won't accept my apology, and/or she won't like me anymore. Also, this thing happened last Saturday, should I tell her I'm sorry on Friday? I don't want to wait too long but I don't want it to be too soon either...
  14. Heretic - Hey, and thank you. I was having a pretty bad day when I said what I said to her and you're right. Maybe it's just as simple as her picking up a negative feeling. She was having a bad day too, she told me that she was feeling very upset, and I went ahead and snapped like I did...I know a hand written letter would do a lot more good. But, there really isn't anyway I can get it to her right now since I don't know the mailing address of where she is currently staying and obviously she wouldn't want to see me. The only thing I can really do is send a text message...any sorry is better then none, but if she does choose to forgive, I'll tell her in person. Friscodj - Hey and thanks. Yeah, it is pretty up and down. She dealt with a break up that had abuse involved in it, something that she seems to be be going through once again internally. Before she stopped talking to me, sometimes she would say "I like you" other times "I like you in a way" as if to tell me that she is scared. I understand that it's good to let things go sometimes, but this was indeed my fault. Seeing as though it was my mistake, it's my responsibility to fix it. This could be a good thing as well, I think...seeing as though she needs some space anyway but the reason I say a week is I would think too much space can be a bad right?
  15. Hi eNotalone...I was hoping maybe you can help me with my problem? See there's a friend i've had for some time now and we got into a bit of an argument. We were just a little more then just friends since we both liked each other but sometimes she gets a bit depressed because sometimes things remind her of her abusive ex. Instead of being there for her, I got a bit mad because were supposed to hang out and said something along the lines of "lets just not talk to eachother"...anger makes you say stupid things. The next day I asked her to hang out with me and she said she doesn't want to talk to me again. I don't want to let the girl I like + a good friend just leave like that. So I'm thinking I should give a little more then a week and message her saying how sincerely sorry I am. Good plan?
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