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  1. And I still have to play a cadenza-duet with him in our band's quartet on Monday night. Did I mention that? Well, consider it well and truly mentioned. **Is totally screwed.**
  2. Me: "... Are you mad at me?" Marcus: "No... Veronica, you're a nice girl but I just don't like you that way." Me: "... Well, can we be friends then? 'Cos you're cool." Marcus: "Sure." Me: "WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY THAT TWO YEARS AGO, YOU JERK?" Me: ***Hits him very hard*** ***Sulks in the rain for 10 minutes*** ***Comes back in to band performance and works out frustration in music.*** ***Is more mad than anything else.*** ***shrugs*** Thanks guys. I suck. So much for two years...
  3. 'Fraid I can't help you. I have a history of being almost suicidally obvious about my feelings towards guys (darn blushing..>
  4. He likes me?? You're kidding, right? I'd have thought he'd have said SOMETHING. Or at least told the guys off for teasing me about him. > We have a band gig tomorrow night. Like, a performance, with free food afterwards. Am starting to think I should start up a sane conversation. Am thinking that it will be harder than I orginally thought. Will keep developments posted (if any), just for the heck of it.
  5. thanks for advice *nodnod* The whole mirroring idea is kind of scary... SERIOUSLY scary. I already notice that when I calm down for brief periods, he does, too. It's like... an exponential effect thing? eeeeeeks!!! Pining for him? I am not *pining* for him!! *mock-glares at you* Major issue = This is in a competitive band environment, we are surrounded by adults who seem to think that the whole situation is funny... *sighs* and I can't even look at him without feeling stupid. >
  6. basic story: shy guy, who i have to see regularly, knows i "like" him and hasn't said a word. what now? long story: ok, there's this guy in our "A grade" local brass band, we sit kinda next to each other 'cos of the band layout. we're both 17, really good at music. he's *got* to have noticed by now that i go bright red whenever he comes in, but i keep acting all crazy because he's reeeally shy and NEVERRR said anything about it. i turn into this outgoing happy fun girl for everyone ELSE, but if ever it's just me and him, i freeze up. it isn't that i'm shy with guys. i'm not. just with him. and he does the same when i'm around. it sucks. and i'm humiliated that he hasn't bothered to say anything to me about it. like i'm not worth talking to?? i mean, if you suspect that a girl you see around a lot, likes you - and then you get it confirmed by her horrified reaction when someone teases her about you - shouldn't you say SOMETHING?? i KNOW he's reeeally shy. heard from his mum, his sisters. apparently he just DOESN'T TALK when there are girls around. that's actually a bit sad, you know? i'd be happy to teach him. lol. if it weren't for the.. other issues. y'know, i USED to try talking to him. he'd kind of stare at me... then at the ground... and he'd take like 20 seconds coming up with an answer. nowadays i'm too scared to even try. WORST of all. there are only 4 of us 17-yr-olds in the band. the conductor had the bright idea of putting us all in an under-19 quartet. so it is going to be unbearably awkward. & i'm totally freeeeeaking out. the guy happened to miss out on the first rehearsal. our conductor was like, "when marcus gets back, and you all play together, you're going to win!!" i'm thinking, *when marcus gets back he is going to be sooo freaked out.* i'm scaaared. about two weeks ago i called after him as he was leaving the rehearsal, "hey marcus, you're not actually mad at me, are you?" and he's like "no.. why would i be?" & then he left. just like that. so obviously he's really pssed off at me and is just too nice / too shy to say so!!! i don't think confronting him would help. i think i need to start with really little things. like not acting all uptight and scowling darkly when he comes in, that would be a start. i keep acting like i hate him, quite openly, because i'm terrified of showing that i like him. it's really dumb. like, he missed out on the rehearsal, so when he came in i was like really tightly and nastily, "Marcus. There was a quartet rehearsal half an hour ago. You missed it. I thought you should know." Then I kinda pretended he didn't exist for about two hours... so if he's confused.. that's quite understandable. > we have not shared a normal conversation since, ohh, about nine months ago. and yet we see each other three times a week! and soon we are going to be having all-weekend rehearsals. i.e. = we're both going to be awkward and miserable. > is this pathetic, or is this pathetic? you pick. so what do i actually want? i want to be able to talk to him normally! how do i get this to start?? i wind myself up so tight when he turns up to rehearsal, it's starting to mess with my playing ability. and that sucks. i should NEVER have let this interfere with the band. ](*,) comments/alternate viewpoints? or flames? go ahead.
  7. when someone says it straight out like that, it makes me feel real stupid for worrying and overanalysing everything so much!!! >
  8. This should probably go in another section but we're both shy as heck, so.. yeah. **begs you for advice.**
  9. I've had a crush on my closest guy friend for months, but he was too dense to pick up on it. So I told him on msn. I gave him about a month to get used to the idea (and to teach myself how to flirt, lol), then I asked him out. We're gonna see a movie on Friday, a "first" for both of us (as we're both too "academically inclined", or "nerdy", to have done this type of stuff before). I'm SERIOUSLY freaking out. You'd probably describe me as more "intelligent" than "pretty", 'cos of glasses and lots of frizzy hair to hide behind , but I'm kinda quiet and shy. With everyone - guys aren't the problem. I get really uncomfortable if I'm outside of my comfort zone. I am REALLY outside of my comfort zone now. As for the guy - he hangs out on the library computers with his own little circle of geeks. He is incredibly nice and intelligent. And I FINALLY worked up the guts to actually set a date, place and time. This Friday. Need help fast!!! Going to see Casino Royale. Although, it's been out for a while so the cinema might be kinda empty ... which only means MORE panicking. Problems: 1. Social anxiety - what if there's a cute guy behind the counter when I buy the tickets? I can't handle it if there's a cute guy behind the counter, no matter who I'm with. > 2. What am I going to talk about? How am I going to keep from being tense and strained at keeping up conversation for a few hours? Why didn't I make it a group outing??? Then again if there were any more people around, I probably wouldn't talk at all. 3. What if I see some of the "popular girls" around when I'm with him? They'll be "nice", but they'll make me feel like I've "let them down" somehow. I know it's stupid. Being at the bottom of the pecking order makes you stress about this a lot. 4. I just checked - it's his 17th birthday the day after we're gonna meet (I'm already 17). Uh-oh. Should I do something? All I REALLY have to do is make sure he has a good time, but I'm not sure I even know how to do that!!! 5. I joke around on msn sometimes about, I dunno, kissing and stuff. Like, I keep accusing him of using his school textbooks as surrogate girlfriends because he spends so much time with them, that sort of thing. He doesn't say anything to disabuse me of the idea - I think it's a nerdy type of flirting. Actually, I am TOTALLY inexperienced. Probably, so is he, although he's only shy when it comes to relationship-stuff. So it's been mostly me "making the moves" up 'til now. Like, flicking his shoulder to get his attention whenever I walk past (which he now reciprocates), that sort of thing. He definitely doesn't seem to mind, but it's half killing me every time! We'd be still just "good friends" if I hadn't done this, I feel like the pressure is on me to make this work, and that's really stressful!!! I mean, I don't know if he even wants me to do anything... all I know is that I'm 17 and never had a guy admit he likes me before (he actually said so, on msn a short while ago), and my teenage hormones are starting to get on my nerves. Help!!! WHAT DO I DO??? Thoughts, comments, suggestions, whatever! I NEED THEM!!! Oh yes, and one last thing. How do I tell my parents? They won't freak out or forbid me, it'll just be humiliating having to let them know. >
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