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  1. i felt like that too last week. for some reason my instincts were telling me that my ex was up to something. something didnt feel right. And lo behold, i found out he is seeing someone, not sure if its serious or not, but its another girl. My instincts were right. I couldnt sleep two nights ago, had the worst night ever and woke up with the worst headache. so, dont expect for anything good, expect the worst so you wont be disappointed or HURT!!
  2. thats a great post Superdave. i am having the same problem with my ex. he said he needs his space and he wants to date other girls. i said go for it. if he needs his space, i'll give it to him. i want to move on and stop hoping for US to work out. i know in my heart that he will regret this decision someday, and it will be too late then for US to be together. its just sad that things had to end this way. giving someone the space they need is so hard specially like you said, when you Love them so much. but from reading all these posts, i guess the less you talk to them, the more they miss you?
  3. I'm going to be okay..even better..I just have to hurt for a bit..but I can make it through anything because I'm strong, smart loving courageous and kind, it's time to celebrate ME I'm going to be okay..even better..I just have to hurt for a bit..but I can make it through anything because I'm strong, smart loving courageous and kind, it's time to celebrate ME I'm going to be okay..even better..I just have to hurt for a bit..but I can make it through anything because I'm strong, smart loving courageous and kind, it's time to celebrate ME its time to move on.... and let go...
  4. I hope either way, i get through this fast... i dont know how much longer i can take such pain. I know this is my first time dealing with a break up (and on top of that, after 6 years!!), but i hope i wont be doing this again... it hurts way too much! its just hard becuase i put everything into this relationship, everything ! and now all i have left is me. It just feels lonely i guess. i dont think he will want to get back with me after NC... which is fine, but i cant hold on to that hope anymore. I used to always make the first move, the first effort in getting back together but i guess i shu
  5. WOW Orlander! that was very encouraging! Thank you I'm really happy for you
  6. i almost emailed him today just to let him know that I did not mean for any of this to happen and that I will always have a special corner for him in my heart. I didnt send it though. I saved it in my drafts and read it over like 5 times and in the end, i deleted it. I am just so confused as to whats going on here. I have all these strong feelings for him still and its just so hard to let go of the IDEA of him. what you are saying is true Blender and I just dont know what to feel anymore. I have to let him do what he needs to to figure out where he wants to be in life. Right now, its obviously
  7. i am at work and i just went to the bathroom and cried my eyes out! I found out that my ex is trying to move on and talking to girls. I wont be surprised if I hear about him getting a gf soon . Is it possible to move on so quickly after a 6 year relationship? Is this a rebound thing? how does he do it? Didnt WE mean anything to him? this is really setting me back and I feel so devesatated and torn. I just dont get it. I feel like he is being so selfish! I guess i really truly have to let him go now. I cant have him back if he has been with other girls...i am not that type. Boy, i pray there
  8. THAT IS EXACTLY what happened to me! I realize now that my happiness was wrapped around my ex and i felt that if i didnt have him in my life, i wont be happy... but what did I do before I met my ex.. i was always a happy person and will eventually be one, if not now. You pretty much summed up how I feel right now. I feel like I am learning so much about myself in these past couple of weeks. I cannot wait till the day when i realize that I am doing very well on my own and my future looks bright and happy!
  9. i had to read that over and over because your words are so true blender. I wont worry about how he feels anymore. I just need to do this because of ME and because I need it. true authentic love has no boundaries, and i always thought it was up to the guys to get over their egos and contact the girl if they truly want to give it another shot, that is of course if the girl wants him back. but i guess we all need time to figure out what we need in life and where we want to be in the next 10-15 years. I just hope this break up was the right decision for both of us. Me and Myself, that is an Ama
  10. you are right. i dont need to tell him anything. but, What if he calls, and I happen to be in hawaii at the time... having a great time.. drinking maitai's lol do you think he will ever want to get back with me (not that it matters anyways)? Maybe thats my fear. I mean, i realize we both need these trips, these times apart to let go, figure things out, move on... i guess we will both have something to talk about IF we ever build a friendship with each other. It just feels weird to go on a trip to Hawaii (couple central) without him and i just dont want to have any regrets afterwards. being wi
  11. I dont think its because i want to provoke anything in him... but maybe i am having a hard time of letting go. some days i accept what happened and other days its just hard to raelize that he is no longer a part of my life. I dont see anything good happening from telling him about my trip. Honestly, if i tell him about my trip, he will probably let go of me for good and seriously move on. thats what I am afraid of. but i felt the need to tell him just because i didnt want to have any awkward moments later, if we ever meet. but maybe that doesnt even really matter. i guess i am just afraid of l
  12. I am confused and worried about how to handle this situation. i am going to hawaii next week, to take a break from all this break up heartache and pain. Hopefully it will help me with my healing. I am excited yet concerned because i am not sure if i should tell my ex that i m going? Not because i want him to be jealous or anything but later if he finds out from someone else or me, i dont want him to think that i am keeping secrets from him... i dont know what I am trying to say here but I hope you understand. I know it probably doesnt matter what I do to him anymore, but i just want to be ho
  13. yeah I can see that Just wish they didnt have to act so Strong and tough emotionally when it comes to contacting the ex ...
  14. craigm, i am glad you posted here! we have a lot of people with years and years of experience and very good advice. Trust me when I say, you will get over her! She is NOT your life! You are 16 and you have SOOOOO many years ahead of you to look forward to... so many good memories and so many other girls who will treat you far better than your ex. Think about it, do you really want to be with someone who drinks, party's and drives around with 4 twenty something year old guys! Is she worth the tears and pain you are going through?? I DONT THINK SO!! Show her you are THE MAN and a STRONG one for
  15. awwww!! things will get better. here's a big hug for you! just let it out.. sometimes it helps to cry, i know it helped me... i just cry like a baby (in privacy) and hope/pray for a happier better future and someone whom i love unconditionally and am attracted to again and who will love me just as much or more.
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