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  1. I work as a Customer Service representative. My work is very depressing. The customers that call in are always yelling, and name calling me. However, Work is something that i need to be doing. I need a car, which i will have in 2wks if i continue working here, i need my own house, instead of living with my parents. I understand that in order to have freedom, and a "financially stable" life, i must work. How does one deal with such "negativitey" from work? It is affecting my family life slightly. I come home upset, or sad. Second question.... I met this girl that I admire. She is sarcastic/clever/witty enough to leave me thinking a second for a comeback. She can smile at me and reach into the depths of my empty soul and forces my apathetic mind to encounter new or rarely experienced emotions She has a pair of beautiful eyes that I can stare into for an entire night a voice so sweet my heart flutters when she speaks a touch so soft, it feels like an angel's lips have become one with my skin a body that even a goddess would admire. However she has ADHD, and is very moody. One minitue she is happy, then the next "upset". I have to keep reassuring her that i care for her. It is getting old. How can i fix her? I know that if u cannot love urself, then u really cannot expect to love another. Thank u for ur cooperation in this matter.
  2. 2day is the the day i turn 21. Life moves 2 fast. I have never expected this day to come so soon. It seems to me like the older i get the faster time passes. Everything in life has an experation date. Nothing in this lifetime is forever. What advice can u give me for my life from now on. Am i now considered an old man? Thank u
  3. My name is Osama. I am 21, and I had a girlfriend with 2 kids. I was with her for 2 years. My family (completely different culture) and her family hated each other. My parents went as far as disowning me for being with her, so i stayed with her. I was disgusted by her habits and what she spends her time doing. What used to one day be a day in which i would come home and find her dressed up to me now dissappeared. I used to walk to my apartment door after a long hard day at work. I would smell the food cooking before i entered the house. Then i would walk in and she would greet me, and take me to the kitchen where my warm dinner was layed out for me. Then she would draw my bath, slipp me in to my pajamas and lay me down next to her. In the morning i would awake with breakfast for me, my lunch packed for work, and my work clothes neatly ironed. Now we spend our time infront of the T.V. rotting. Our once healthy foods are now replaced with Microwave dinners. I watch her put on the weight, and i watch her become sadder. I try to pull her out of it, but she has gone to far. She now sits depressed and alone. I asked her why and she says, "something that happened to me when i was a kid." I cant help but to think that she has been molested by her grandpa, but she wont tell me. I left her The other reason why i broke up with her is because she is Israeli, and i am Palestinian. We fight to much in politics. I feel bad for leaving her. She does not want me to leave her and i really want to stay with her. I want to finish college, work, and become successful, and i cant with her. But i love her. Am i doing the right thing?
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