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  1. I work as a Customer Service representative. My work is very depressing. The customers that call in are always yelling, and name calling me. However, Work is something that i need to be doing. I need a car, which i will have in 2wks if i continue working here, i need my own house, instead of living with my parents. I understand that in order to have freedom, and a "financially stable" life, i must work. How does one deal with such "negativitey" from work? It is affecting my family life slightly. I come home upset, or sad. Second question.... I met this girl that I admire. She is sarcastic/clever/witty enough to leave me thinking a second for a comeback. She can smile at me and reach into the depths of my empty soul and forces my apathetic mind to encounter new or rarely experienced emotions She has a pair of beautiful eyes that I can stare into for an entire night a voice so sweet my heart flutters when she speaks a touch so soft, it feels like an angel's lips have become one with my skin a body that even a goddess would admire. However she has ADHD, and is very moody. One minitue she is happy, then the next "upset". I have to keep reassuring her that i care for her. It is getting old. How can i fix her? I know that if u cannot love urself, then u really cannot expect to love another. Thank u for ur cooperation in this matter.
  2. 2day is the the day i turn 21. Life moves 2 fast. I have never expected this day to come so soon. It seems to me like the older i get the faster time passes. Everything in life has an experation date. Nothing in this lifetime is forever. What advice can u give me for my life from now on. Am i now considered an old man? Thank u
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