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  1. I'm so sorry. Many of us have been through this, and the best advice I can give is, it get's better. Do you have any friends you can reach out to? Maybe find ways to take your mind off of this? Family maybe? You are loved. -J
  2. How welcoming you are! No...but before i ask for advice i will think i might make my needs more specific and pick the right category. You really should set down that axe and grind a bit less. Imho.
  3. Thanks everyone for the advice. Closing this one down. After reading some of the other OPs and posts in this category i think i should have just kept the discussion about "how my friend down there just needs more sucky." Unbelievable.
  4. She told me once (even though she has a job) she shouldn't be expected to pay any bills because i make so much money. Big argument. I asked her to pay the water bill. We figured it out but her initial position was strange.. I thought.
  5. Agree. Sex in the media and porn is all fake anyway.
  6. We are going together later in March.
  7. ..."crap" was a reference to my overarching relationship issues...not the responses on this forum.
  8. I was looking for folks to talk with about this.
  9. And all this other crap does is make me more hypersensitive to things. Im not clueless here.
  10. Well you know what...i put myself out there. It can happen when we do that.
  11. "Oral" is really not where i go when i try and talk to her about this. It was just one aspect of foreplay that i brought up. I think....based on some of these responses....where some women do stand on this.
  12. To be clear...i make sure she orgasms pretty much every time we make love. First. Then its "get it over quick".
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