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  1. Here's my update. I met my boyfriend's daughter this week, and we really hit it off. He gave us time to get to know each other once he was sure she was comfortable with him being in another room. We had a lot of fun, and it felt natural, normal, maybe even cozy. Thanks for your input. It helped!
  2. Well, it's starting to look like this meeting is going to happen sooner than I think (as in some time in the next few days). I had a really open conversation with my beau about my fears, his fears, his child's fears and what his expectations are (the good, the bad, and the ugly) today. He is expecting some anger on her part because she's still hoping her parents will get back together... I've asked him a lot of questions about her, and she has always been a huge part of our conversations from the very beginning. I'm excited about meeting her, and yet still nervous.... I'll post about
  3. I'd suggest couples counselling, if you're both willing to look at what happened the first time around. Once you have that info, maybe you'd be in a better position to make a good decision for yourself.
  4. Thyroxine: I second you on teeth! Watch to me doesn't matter. Style of clothes or shoes doesn't matter. Comfortable in his skin? Huge!
  5. I'll be the devil's advocate here. Yes, it does depend on the relationship, but I would say to do something outside of the box even this early on if you think the person you're dating is special. Not extravagant, but not cliched either. Think of something special to the two of you: a place you've been meaning to visit, or do something nice for your mate that proves you pay attention. On the other hand, if you're wanting him to plan something, you should let him in on that. Avoid disappointment. It's never to soon to communicate clearly.
  6. Phew! Thanks for all of your replies. I feel calm again, and I'll let you know how it goes. (I wish I wasn't the youngest in my family, and at least had the experience of being a big sister!)
  7. I'm dating a man who has joint custody of his daughter, a third-grader. He wants me to meet her, which I'm happy to do...but I don't have kids myself, and have had really limited contact with children. I'm afraid I don't know what to do or say. How can I make the first meeting easy on everyone involved?
  8. Brian, Welcome! If writing it all down at once is too difficult or seems large, remember you can always start with a few small thoughts. Cheers.
  9. Everyone: thanks for the feedback! SuperDave: I thought you'd like to know your list was bang-on. The place was cleaned up, the food was impressive, there were candles, the wine was replaced with bubbly water and lemon wedges, and there was tea afterwards. Nice, and fun. And, yep. It was a date.
  10. Oh, Tony. There is a silver lining: At least she's being clear and firm with you, and you don't have to deal with mixed signals any longer.
  11. What message is a guy sending when he invites you to his place for dinner?
  12. From experience, the pain does go away. And you will have new dreams that are fantastic. I'm sorry to hear you have the blues. Allow yourself to do what feels good to you for a while (especially if you can't function fully doing what you should be doing). If that's eating ice cream, or watching movies, or smoking, or dancing, or sleeping in......do it. If you're worried about not being able to handle your sadness alone, reach out: here, to your friends and family, and to a professional if necessary. Stay tough!
  13. I'm wondering if any one else has gone through this: I've found myself in a state of mutual attraction with someone, and I'm not at all ready to pursue a relationship with him because my long-term romance ended only a couple of months ago. I've been open about where I'm at emotionally. Thing is, we've been sort of close to sharing a kiss, which I regret resisting. I'm worried that I resisted kissing him because I'm holding on to feelings for my ex (even though I don't think this is the case), and I'm also worried that I want to kiss him because I want to overwrite the fact that the
  14. I got the same speech, more or less. I took it to mean it's over. "Down the road" didn't appeal to me because the bottom line will always feel like "You walked away wanting something better".
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