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    Lots of ppl do it. My mom's a real estate agent and she never went to a college in the US. You just take some classes for $200 and start at the bottom selling for very low commission until you get more clients and bigger connections.


    It's very stressful at first negotiating between buyers and seller, you'll have to drive all day and your phone will never stop ringing. You have to put up ads in a lot of newspaper and make business cards. You'll also have to invest heavily on a navigation system and that might be a bit costly for someone your age.




    if it doesn't work out, go to college.


    My mom's comission was $5,000 for her very first house, it's like a month of work for some people.

  2. So Im not in school anymore because im suspended for this semester. They won't even accept any transfer credits during this probation period so community college isn't an option.


    Im so lost with my life right now...what should I do?


    Work more?

    Go to church?

    Any ideas?


    I feel really useless right now.

  3. Hey don't feel bad. I recently lost my car too! I hit a commercial truck and now my car is totalled. I ended this semester with a 0.75 GPA and guess what? Im suspended from the University.


    See? Don't you feel better now? I'm so broke.

  4. My parents have been yelling at me since 14. They just see things differently you know? You just gotta tell yourself that people react differently to different things. That was pretty entertaining until the physical part.


    One thing I did was ignore everything...that isn't good because right now my relationship with my parents is so bad. We are good on somethings and they never yell at me anymore but we barely speak at all. I don't even say "hi" to them and they never say it to me.


    The best thing to do is not to aggravate the next fight and keep your cool.

  5. Beec is right on:

    1) Stop telling her you like her

    2) Don't seek attention



    3) Don't listen to her

    4) Tease the girl

    5) Be cocky and funny ( ex. make fun of the way she dress in a funny way)

    6) Push her away a little

    7) Act interested in other girls



    Girls like bad guys. People that do drugs or go to prison or have lots of money. They like power. They NOTICE these things. Just...once you get her stop being bad or the relationship will go down hill.


    Im 5'5" Asian and my ex is this tall 5'10" italian white chick. Trust me it works.


    Edit*: Also, girls like guys that can dance or play a guitar. (Learn Crypt Walking, it's very easy.)

  6. Well it was my first semester and I f'ed up bad. I ended up with a 0.75 GPA and was suspended from my university. I don't know what to do, how am I going to tell my parents. I was planning on just lying about it and get a full time job somewhere so they won't get suspicious.


    Im so freaked out right now. Anyone else been in this situation before?

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