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  1. Maybe you're TOO pretty and guys can't ask you out. Ah! That's what I'm thinking.
  2. Yes, you're realizing you want more in life.
  3. I asked this girl out, she said no. My life is over!
  4. guys don't have friendzones, we stack girls in ranks onto the hotness ladder. IE if we've had hotter, everyone below that chick is bleh.
  5. why lose weight? i think chubby girls are so hot.
  6. I typed: ---" I don't know.I might take the semester off to pay for my new car. But maybe we can see each other OUTSIDE of school. *HINT HINT* " What does she say?: ---" take a semester off?!?! o man this is going to be my last for undergraduate! have you talked to anyone from the SGA days? maybe we should all have a reunion in the works... " That's so asking her out. Com'on how obvious is that?! I mean com'on! Sheesh! Women, my god! Get a clue!
  7. before you kill yourself, make a list of things you want to do before you die and do it
  8. That's not really me, this is what I REALLy look like: link removed
  9. Yup, we both got hit with the ugly stick. Damn apes.
  10. I call girls back all the time. But voicemail can only hold 80 messages.
  11. she totally responded, this is what she typed "hahahahahaahahhaahah, that is the bestest line i've ever heard!! I better see you in the spring at GMU!!!" Is that a yes?
  12. I asked this girl out see? I wrote a message on her facebook telling her she's hot and that I want to rub smart balance all over her because it's 1/2 the cholesterol of real butter. But she haven't responded at all and it's been 18 hours! I'm gonna die
  13. .....because it taste like pee. I remember the first time I tried it tasted so bad that i gagged and that was like 2-3 years ago and I've hesitated to do it since. I fear it. It taste like pee. I want to do it but I want to throw up when i think about it. Anyone else think it taste bad? ...maybe it's just the girls.........they need to eat more healthy food, odor free food?
  14. I only scored a 7 on link removed.....it's been 1 month and 300 voters and I don't think i'll ever hit 8.
  15. Growing up I was always the skinny one. Now that I started to lift I have gain 12lbs of muscles and fill out a little bit. However, for some reason I'm not gaining anymore weight. It's been like this for two weeks. I even took a week OFF of physical activity in the case that I was over training but I started to lose weight. This totally knocked out my motivation for lifting. How can I gain more muscles?
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