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  1. Remember. When girls say no they mean yes. Except for sex.
  2. I think you're fergalicious. You make my london bridge want to go down. Like london london london.
  3. Hey no fair, I want to know what you look like too.
  4. Sorry to hear that man. I don't have any advice but I will pray for you.
  5. You're doing fine joe, you just gotta learn to seal toe deal.
  6. Don't call them chubby, got it! And there are no chubby korean girls.
  7. I'm Asian, my parents beat me up all the time growing up. Back in the old days my teachers beat me too. Random strangers would beat me in front of my parents as well. Kids get beaten all the time in 3rd world countries.
  8. I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM! With blankets and sucking my tongue. Every night I would run my nails back and forth on my furry blanket that I had since I was 7yr old and would suck on my tongue till I fall asleep. Around 18 I decided I need to grow up so I bought a blanket that had no fur on it and stopped sucking my tongue. I still have the old blanket downstairs and sometimes I would scratch it when I'm near it. Still makes me feel really relax.
  9. What makes anyone great? Money? Intellect? Beauty? No. What sets the successful and unsuccessful apart is Motivation. You find that, then you have found a purpose in life.
  10. I like chubby white girls, why won't they like me back? Is it because I'm not chubby? I also like skinny tall korean girls but they don't like me either.
  11. Hehe i love your view of the world. You're a mix caucasian/black or something that made you have brown skin?! Ask yourself why so many people get tans. Personally I think mix are so hot. They're the hottest people in the world.
  12. It was amazing. Me and that tissue box. Love.
  13. See? ppl lots of ppl can relate to that song as well. It's good to see you not wanting to kill yourself anymore.
  14. I am doomed! ugly - check shy - check christian - check boring - check
  15. I need one too, pls send a pm with a/s/l thanks.
  16. The spark is the best thing. You get all excited over nothing and miss them when they're gone. W/o that, it's just companionship, not love.
  17. Hey don't worry about anything except having a fun time with someone you like. That's the best advice I can give you. 1. So what if there's a cute guy behind the counter. It doesn't matter. He sees 100s of people everyday, you're just another person buying movie tickets. 2. Talk about anything you like. Ask him what he likes. You guys don't have to be talking the entire date. Just whenever you feel like it. Awkward silences can be scary but it just mean you're not use to him. Remember, you don't have to talk all the time. 3. It's your life. You don't have to impress anyone. Just have fun with it. 4. Just say happy birthday. 5. This one is up to him. He might be too shy to make the first move so don't worry about it. So basically, relax and have fun.
  18. You're so hot! I just wanna rub smart balance all over you because it's 1/2 the cholesterol of real butter. ...yeah, she said no.
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