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  1. I don't think shyness is what hinders desperation. Some people would date anything just because they can. I know people like that. As long as it's female, this one guy I know would go after anything that moves. And he's not shy at all. All he cares about is sex.


    I really don't see how shyness can be a good thing, in ANY situation. It's rooted in fear, and fear is never good. Having inhibitions can be detrimental, especially in the case of wanting to pursue romantic relationships, but being too afraid to do so. That is never a good thing.


    But fear is a good thing. It keeps you from shooting people and robbing banks or sky diving w/o a parachute.

  2. I use to be shy too! My voice would tremble when I talk to girls. But I overcame that and you will too, eventually. It just takes practice. The first thing you can do when you meet people is introduce yourself and ask for their name. That is VERY easy and it CAN'T go wrong.


    In fact, here is a monologue you can use to approach people.

    You: Hi what's your name?

    Girl: (she might not ask for your name)

    You: I'm Puff the Magic Dragon


    You: So.....(think of anything)

    Girl: (answers 30% of a follow up question)

    You: Um....(think of another thing)

    Girl: (answers 40% of a follow up question)

    You: Hey me too!

    Girl: (smiles)

    ----dead silence---

    Wait 2 minutes


  3. Shy ppl like to be approached. He'll be more then happy to talk to you. Think about that and maybe you'll work up to talking to him. Remember that lion from the wizard of oz? all he got was an alarm clock because he had courage inside him all along

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