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  1. But fear is a good thing. It keeps you from shooting people and robbing banks or sky diving w/o a parachute.
  2. What's wrong with asking out anything that moves?
  3. If she's already involved then it's just a friendly gesture.
  4. I use to be shy too! My voice would tremble when I talk to girls. But I overcame that and you will too, eventually. It just takes practice. The first thing you can do when you meet people is introduce yourself and ask for their name. That is VERY easy and it CAN'T go wrong. In fact, here is a monologue you can use to approach people. You: Hi what's your name? Girl: (she might not ask for your name) You: I'm Puff the Magic Dragon ..... You: So.....(think of anything) Girl: (answers 30% of a follow up question) You: Um....(think of another thing) Girl: (answers 40% of a follow up question) You: Hey me too! Girl: (smiles) ----dead silence--- Wait 2 minutes Repeat.
  5. Why would he judge you. God made you the way you are.
  6. I couldn't get it up the first time either. It was sorta embarrassing but the next day we tried again and it works.
  7. try listerine mouthwash, it loosen a lot of things.
  8. You're like that guy in Little Miss Sunshine.
  9. There's no wrong way to do it. Just move up and down on his thingy.
  10. Oh hmmph, i got kicked out. I begged the dean but he said no. I can't register until the Fall.
  11. my smile scare stone statues and wall portraits
  12. You're right! If he ignores you again you'll just end up feeling worse. Why do it. "Hang in there kitty."
  13. Shy ppl like to be approached. He'll be more then happy to talk to you. Think about that and maybe you'll work up to talking to him. Remember that lion from the wizard of oz? all he got was an alarm clock because he had courage inside him all along
  14. You shouldn't stop caring. Apathy is bad it is the opossite of love
  15. When it rains, you can hold the umbrella.
  16. He meant buy a new external CD-ROM drive =/
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