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  1. no i don't, when i have gel on my hair i'm always thinking i try too much and that distracts me from doing other stuff.
  2. I do like asian girls, what are you talking about?
  3. Scars are really cool. I try to get in fights so I can bruise myself.
  4. You lost her trust. That is a key component of a healthy relationship. Even if you did it under good intentions, she did not ask for it. Of all things an STD. That is a huge deal in terms of secrecy.
  5. Lack of interest in sex can be caused by poor performance. You're subconsciously thinking what's the point if I can't pleasure her.
  6. The universe's creation is explained by the big bang theory. The explanation for the big bang is a recycle of the expansion of the universe. As the universe expand with the force caused by the initial explosion, over billions of years it will then collapse back onto itself. Right now it's still accelerating outwards with increasing speed. Think of it like a basket ball. All the lines represent the path of the planets. It starts from one end, explode, and then collapse at the other end. This is an indefinite cycle and each time, the law of physics is altered but gravity will always exist. The law of physics is very different in 3 different scenarios. It's different for the very small which scientists have discovered and been researching. It's different for "normal" that was discovered by Newton. And if the theory is right it is very different for the very large (planets and galaxies). Right now we don't know much about that physics so we create a fictional phenomenon call "dark matter" and "dark energy" that has yet to be proven (so it can fit our "normal" physics). In order for life to exist (ACCORDING TO OUR UNDERSTANDING) we must have a moon about the size of 1/4 of earth's diameter to help stabilize temperature, we must be a certain distant from a sun so we don't burn or freeze, and there must be water and sunlight. But we have discovered some organisms that live deep under water that doesn't use sunlight. It creates energy form chemicals found on the deep ocean floor created by lava flows. This means that there might be other "living" life forms near us that we cannot understand. Our sun is getting old and it's also expanding. It will eventually turn into a Red Giant and turn Earth into Mars. Our Moon is slowing moving away from us at a few inches a year and soon our planet will wobble out of control and we will have months of burning and months of freezing temperature and the days will get longer and longer. When the moon was formed, earth days lasted 4 hours. The core of our planet that creates the ozone layer to prevent the sun's radiation is slowly cooling and will eventually disappear. So yes, there is a God.
  7. That is true. I live by myself. My neighbors are middle age couples and their sons/daughters are all in some random uni somewhere else and I'm not going to school cuz i'm on probation.
  8. There are tons of asian girls at my school too. god i wish i didn't get kicked out. damn system...so i failed some classes...don't they want my tuition money?!
  9. I need to stop whining!
  10. He doesn't seem very interested. Perhaps the you on that date wasn't exactly what he remembered at the club.
  11. No, do not sleep with your sister. It's natural for her to ask so many questions coping with the possibility of death. One thing you can do is rent her porn. You said you're a virgin, would you really want to remember that you lost it this way?
  12. yeah for euro and latins that's fine. I'm asian. Asians don't hug, kiss or touch. we shake hands politely (with both hands if you're the greeter) and bow our head.
  13. sometimes i wish i can hug people w/o feeling gay. i really want to hug everyone but it just feels so feminine.
  14. If you're aiming to hurt your ex somehow by doing this then I would say no. That's a terrible thing to do. Now, unless you know and care for these people enough I don't think you should mention it.
  15. You're never truly alone if you have faith in God. Sow a seed in your time of need and God will in turn show you the way. Get out there and help someone.
  16. Well you've already email the guy, the ball is in his court. We at ENA don't know what's wrong with you, only you know that. I would love to find out if you feel like sharing. But, right now it's a waiting game. Ice cream and pay per view can really help.
  17. Well yes, a lot of times everything will be ok. But you know what? Sometimes they don't work out at all. You just need something to scare the crap out of you before you'll try harder at life. I failed last semester and got kicked out of my uni, guess how much money I wasted? I'm gonna have to repeat courses as well. But let me ask you this, do you want to wait until life force you to make a change? You've already realized what's wrong with your life. Why not start to correct them today. Part of being anonymous is not showing your face.
  18. Well you could tell me. This is pretty anonymous.
  19. It's only been a day Sweetheart, where is your patience. Besides, 5'8" and 148lbs sounds hot.
  20. Well what if you hang around other failures? Like me. Then you won't feel bad at all cuz I'm a bigger screw up.
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