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  1. Try studying during your peak hours. Figure this out tomorrow: When you are most alert, when are you most focus,are you anight person, etc etc. And about the gf thing, yeah don't we all? But she has to be pretty. Dating unattractive people suck.
  2. Dude, those people don't change. I tried to improve one of my friend but it failed miserably until he found out for himself what a weirdo he really is/was. People will always believe what they find to be true. We can't change that on the outside so they have to figure it out themselves. But in the meanwhile, we just gotta accept them for who the are because they are our friend.
  3. Oh wow, that's so cool. I feel a connection to native americans there after reading about this poorly named diesease. and no i don't swell up...only rdness and heat. This sucks, now ill always be the designated driver!
  4. i love the game. it keeps your head busy all day asking all sorts of questions. and then when something happens you get super excited cuz all the confusion went away. i don't like anything too upfront or easy
  5. don't drink? that's maddness! I need beer to be social
  6. I hear ya. You try too much for too long and you get into that good friendship that they don't want to lose. I don't think doing more will help the situation.
  7. Every time I drink like 1-2 beer my face turns incredibly red . Not only that but it's also uneven and pretty digusting. It's even more horrific when I have acne! I hear there are ways around this problem but I can't seem to find much on google. Any tips?
  8. It's pretty bad. I did this and I went to the restroom too often and then i felt sick for 2 days. my body need real food like meat.
  9. i look like crap too but i smile anyway even though it crack mirrors and turn people into stone.
  10. There are guys that seem very out going but are shy around a girl they like. Not too shy to make small talk but the inability to get pass friendship. It's like getting hit with kryptonite.
  11. amen to that! i think yu could write a book.
  12. all i read was hes a jerk and u dated him
  13. yes, when women hit 40 and/or want to settle down or run out of options i think
  14. best you can do is comfort your friend and promise you'll still be there no matter what happens and hope he/she doesn't move away
  15. I have one friend that i can share anything with but he lives far away. He also shares everything as well. Our ups our downs, when we lost our virginity, depression, everything.
  16. Oh, um compliment their specific body parts. Or look at them too much maybe..
  17. They're asking you to write about cultural diversity in and outside of school that you may experience at at this stage in your life. What life lessons can others teach you and the likes. Seems that it also asks you to single out one of your classmates, although you can just make it up.
  18. Women can serve as great motivation. Just having someone you love will sure spark your "get up and go" attitude again.
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