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  1. Thanks, yeah where i live we are pretty educated on condom use etc, because there is so many teen pregnacnys here, so i know like how to use one but i think it was just unlucky and as we had a bit to drink after a party i might not of put it on properly, but ive learnt my lesson now. I have told her where to get the pill and everything, she is going to think about it, but shes worried about her mum finding out. Im just so worried, i dont want a little mini-me running around. . . not yet anyway x
  2. So you may of read my other thread about how the condom split and we never realised and went on to finish up (cum) this was sunday morning. Well my girlfriend has took the morning after pill (sunday afternoon) . . . so as soon as possible. But we still cant help but worry, "what if" it dosnt work and she gets pregnent we are only young (15 + 16 yes i know statory rape) but we are both serious about a relationship and are both sensible. It just feels like we are so unlucky as we have always been sensible and are both very mature. I hear of kids sleeping around with out using a condom and getting away scot free . . . no kids. Heres me, use a condom, it splits . . . now im worrying that there might be a pregnancy and also what my girlfriend will have to be put through. Just need some help and advice x
  3. I know an awful lot about birth conrtol and stuff . . . but obviously not about the double condom thing. The thing is to go on the pill she would have to have her parents consesnt wouldnt she? Her parents would flip if they found out she was having sex. I would never be able to see her again.
  4. well i had a few to drink as we had been to a party, and also it was dark aswell. So i may of put it on properly, i will definetly be taking more care in the future now. . . maybe even putting two on.
  5. She took the pill today, and it happened last night. Still scared though, cant wait until her next period. I hate the fact that there is still a risk of pregnancy. Wish us luck x
  6. Age of consent is 16 here aswell, i know i could get in trouble but i never thought this would happen im really worryed and as its sunday the chemists are closed here. So we have to wait till tomorow, but we shall go down after school and get it.
  7. Me and my girlfriend was getting it on last night, and when we was finishing up, after i came, i realised that there was a rip in the condom. She is 15 i am 16 and way way too young to be getting pregnant. We are on the hunt for a morning after pill/emergency contraception, but i cant help but worry, i keep saying sorry to her even though its not my fault. But i dont want to put her through distress. She means a lot to me and i wouldnt want her getting in trouble because my crummy condom split. Any advice on what to do/avoid in the future? i hope we can get hold of a pill. thanks
  8. This is really starting to annoy me now, im 16 and i have a habit of not lasting longer then 5 mintues, premature ejeculation will ruin my life. I dont know where its coming from, ive always had it since last year when i was with my first sexual partner. Ive looked about the internet and it says i should buy pills and all this, surely there must be a more natural cure? How do i gain controlll? its so fustrating and i know my girlfriend is disapointed but she understands. I can only make exuses for so long.
  9. well im not 100% sure either way i just know there was blood, so ill just not mention it and be nice to her?
  10. yeah well i got absulotly bladdered last night at a party, came home with my girlfriend and we went to bed. She had told me that she was on the last day of the period and shouldnt be bleeding any more. Me being so drunk i couldnt stand went and got my hands a bit dirty, we then tryed having sex but it wouldnt work as she was a virgin and we both needed to be sober for it work. Basically i woke up this morning with blood on my hands and on my bed, i dont know what to think, im not disgusted although i would of been if it was somebody else. I dont expect a response just needed to get it out in the open, i feel much closer to her now.
  11. i have days like this all the time, mood swings etc. And i admit it i was a {mod edit} to my ex and thats probably what made me lose her. But we learn from our mistakes right? I didnt i still do it now and sometimes i dont even notice, all i wanted was time alone to cool down and somebody to talk to, kind of contridicts itself but when he feels ready he should contact you. If not hes not worth the hassle if hes not going to think about what his behaviour is doing to you. Hope this helps ?
  12. This is common, i have dreams all the time. Perhaps cos i ony finished with my "first love" in october but i know of many adults who still think and dream about there past ex's sub-consciencely. Its just the way our minds work.
  13. I recently found out what im "missing out" on with my ex . . . yeah right. I spoke to her on the phone cos she owes me and money and all she talked about was herself and college and gigs and . . . i could never get a word in really. Also her friends have been calling me up and texting me saying she is going to lose them if she dosnt stop being so self obsesed and with her boyfriend non-stop. Also that they prefer me with her, but i have now finally got over it i think There is only one thing which upsets me and thats what she has turned into, she has changed so much since we first met, and well she hasnt seemed like her since she started seeing her new boyfriend. Just wanted to post this to let people who are trying to heal, that there is light out there and it takes time for the light to come through. Think of all the bad traits and times.
  14. I can help it, its been 3 months since i broke up with my ex, but i cant help but think "what if" i said "i love you" more . . . "what if" i wasnt moody and nasty sometimes with her. "what if" i didnt take her for granted, would i still be with her. She was my first and i was deeply in love. But im starting to get down a lot lately as i keep wondering if i had done things diffrently in the past, would things be diffrent today.
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