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  1. Don't feel shy about asking him out. Maybe ask him to meet for coffee or something laid back like that after work. To put both of you at ease, don't emphasize the "date" part of it--just two coworkers getting together to unwind after work. If you can't push yourself to do that, keep talking with him and try to loosen him up. If he is shy, it might be hard to tell if he's into you or not, but try anyway. Find things you two have in common. And don't for a second feel like because you're a girl that you can't make the first move! Be bold and daring and confident, and ask that guy out! Ho
  2. Bring 'em on It shouldn't matter...unless the girl you're setting up has a huge crush on you, then she mght feel awkward. But otherwise, if you're a friend and have their interests' in mind, do it!
  3. Sorry to hear your story, but you and her both need to discuss this situation. If she really doesn't love you, then that's not fair to you. Just a suggestion, but think of some questions/concerns you have and meet with her to find out why she doesn't know if she loves you...You need to get to the bottom of this problem because you don't want to quit something that might be good. On the other hand, you don't deserve to be in a relationship where there's issues of doubt. Stay strong and best of luck!!
  4. Congratulations on the strides you're making and keep moving forward! Therapy can be completely rewarding and cathartic, so I encourage you to keep going and keep these pesky discouraging thoughts out of your heart. Stay strong, know you're a fighter and look to brighter days!
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