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  1. I want to thank all of you for your responses. I don't feel so "different" now that I have heard some of your stories. Also, it was nice to hear that there are still families who are close despite their differences. All the best to everyone for the upcoming holiday season.
  2. Thank you for opening up and telling me about your families. Each story helps me gain insight into my own situation and I hope that it helps each of you as well. I hope that others will respond as well.
  3. I am really starting to dread the holidays. It is just a reminder of how screwed up my side of the family is. Does anyone else feel the same or do the majority of you have the envious large family gathered around the table scenario? Please respond, I would really like to know! I will start with me. My father had two brothers and no one has ever kept in touch. My mother has 8 siblings, most have died, but one sister has two daughters with children the same age as mine, but they have no interest in keeping in touch. They may exchange christmas cards if I send one first. My two girls (7 & 4) don't understand why they can't see their cousins. I don't know what to say to them and I feel so bad. After my mother passes away, I will have no one. It is such a scary thought. My brother is totally self absorbed and has no interest our family. We get together with my husbands family during the summer, but only because I arrange the whole thing. If I didn't, we wouldn't see anyone. My husband and his sister barely speak to each other. Since my family is obsolete, I desperately wanted my girls to have some kind of family contact. I seem to be the only one who needs the extended family contact. I see other families getting together for the holidays and wonder why mine turned out like this. Please respond with your story.
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