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  1. Why did he move in so early...it just happened. He would just sleep over all the time and eventually little by little, it happened. He lives with his mom (He's 28), so it was inconvenient for us to stay there.
  2. I know everything that you guys are writing is true, but that stupid/naive side of me thinks that w/help he can change - he wants to go to counseling. And this will sound ridiculous, but the fact that I'm SUPER attracted to him does not help AT ALL. My worst fear in life is to regret something...and I feel if I don't give him this chance knowing that he is willing to try - I'll always be like "Well, what if he did change?"
  3. I have been with my boyfriend for 3 months. He moved in with me after about a month. We get along great, have the best time together, very attracted to each other and we have even talked about getting married and having kids in the future. I am in love with him and vice versa. His only downside is that he has a VERY bad temper. On Tuesday, he got upset at me because I hadn't folded my clothes in the closet. He says that he takes pride in being organized and clean and that he wishes I would try to be the same way. I am very clean and organized but sometimes I'm busy and get to folding and organizing when I have a chance. The fight got very heated and he went nuts. Started screaming, punched the bathroom door and telling me that I didn't respect him. The next morning, we woke up arguing and he packed up all his stuff and got in my face several times. I ran out of the house and went to my mom's house. He called me all morning that he's going to get help and he knows he has a problem. Can he change? I love the guy. But since then, he hasn't called me AT ALL. I miss him like crazy but I can't call him - he messed up!!!! I can't believe he's being so prideful.
  4. When I say "all the time" I mean, way too much for my liking. Let's say, once every 2 weeks and sometimes I'm the one that brings it up for something stupid. I compare it to my ex...we were together for 2 years and it took me 3 years to get over him, partly due in fact that we stayed sleeping together for a LONG time - I never let myself heal - maybe that's why I get so scared - because I know how it is. I don't think I'm 100% over my ex - don't think I'll ever be - he was my first love and truly hurt me - but I've moved on and I know that nothing could ever come about b/w me & him and I would NEVER give up what I have with my bf for him and I think he feels the same way about his ex. They haven't talked in months and he has never seen her again. He says when that's it - that's it - there is no going back. I guess I'm just REALLY falling for him and it feels amazing but I get scared that I'm going to get hurt and I start to hold back - this being one of the reasons. You guys are so supportive. You give amazing advice.
  5. I met my current boyfriend over 2 months ago. He has broken up with his ex of 2 years 4 months prior. He was really in love with her and she hurt him "really bad". They dated when he was 26-28 and she was 19-21. Point being, I have been hearing about her since Day 1. How much he loved her but how she screwed him over and he would never be with her again - that once he's done with someone - it's over - etc. He always tells me how much he loves me - even more than her - even that pisses me off! But I hate having to constantly hear about her and to top it off she's absolutely gorgeous. I told him the other day that I couldn't deal with talk of her anymore and he promised not to bring it up anymore. Today, we're at the mall and we saw an acquentance of his and he's like, "oh, I know you!" I've never met that guy and he obviously confused me with his ex. I lost it. I'm so scared that he's still in love with her and then I'll get hurt. He always tells me how he never thought he'd feel like that again and that I've healed him. I don't know that it's healthy. We practically live together and he always brings up marriage. Am I being paranoid or do I have some reason? ](*,) Thank you!!
  6. Hello everyone! Now that I really think about it, the only time that I feel this INTENSE love for my ex is when I'm drunk and I see him. Unfortunately, I can't avoid ALL of the places he goes to, but I try to avoid the majority of them. When I get drunk, my feelings go crazy! I start professing my love for him to all of my friends and they try to talk sense into me and I completely ignore them. I'm not going to stop getting drunk and I might bump into him, so what can I do in this situation??? How can I realize that he's a worthless piece of crap when I'm under the influence??? If he wasn't such an attention hog (he gets on tables, bars, takes off his shirt, etc.) then he might pass under the radar, but he ALWAYS makes himself known.
  7. Ok - I'm not going to talk to him anymore, but should I tell him how I feel next time he calls me??
  8. I've tried that. I didn't talk to him for a year and the minute I see him - it's like I'm back to square one. Nothing matters except him at that point - I don't listen to reason. I live in a small city and I always bump into him. How can I do the no contact again if it's never worked before? Maybe I should join Codependents Anonymous...
  9. I have been broken up with my ex for over 3 years. He was my first love - only love. We stayed messing around for a year after and then I got into a relationship for 2 years. But I still thought of him. I always knew he wasn't good for me- he's jealous and a total playboy, but I can't help but feel this strongly for him. So sometimes I'll bump into him at a bar or club and this weekend I ran into him. I ended up going home with him and we slept together - several times. The next morning, he treats me like a piece of meat and takes me home and I feel horrible. Meanwhile on the way to his house the night before - we were both drunk - he was professing his love to me and then the next day - it's like if nothing ever happened. So he calls me and we talk (we usually talk like once a week as "friends") and he's just there telling me how many girls he's sleeping with and how he can't help it if girls throw themselves on him. I wanted to die. This guy doesn't care about me AT ALL and I still have all these feelings for him. I feel like such an idiot. I can't believe myself. And the worst part is that he knows it!!!!!!!! And to top it off an acquaintance of mine likes him - he'll probably sleep with her, too, if he hasn't already. What is wrong with me??? How can someone be so stupid and blind???
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