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  1. Thank You Guys So Much For All The Advice, I'm Recieving..it All Makes Alot Of Sense And You Guys Are Right, I Am Cheating..it Might Not Be Sleeping With The Other Girl But That Can Eventually Happen If I Dont Do Something About It Now That Im Starting It..i Took The Advice And Delted Numbers And Blocked Messenger Addresses..hopefully This Will Help, Thanks Sooo Much!
  2. Everybody, Please help me!! I have this situation... I'm with this girl, which I love. I've been with her for almost 2 years and shes my everything. Yet, I feel when I'm in or around a certein other girl, temptation beats me and I begin to flirt. I know that sometimes my flirts go a little over and afterwards I feel really guilty and nervous. I've gotten to the point of kissing this other girl. It was a little peck. I feel super bad for my girlfriend. I don't want to lose her. I really need help on a way of beating the temptation or the moment, you know. I know I could avoid her by being somewhere else and when I set my mind to not go near, I don't do it. How can I avoid that. I feel if I can get some motivation I can do it. I always fall though. When I'm at home and I'm chatting with the 'other' chick, we talk in cute little words like "baby" and "honey" and stuff like that, and that just leads to me feeling really guilty in the end. What do you guys suggest I do, to not ever do that again? Should I stop communication with her totally before rumors start or the truth comes out and I end up regreting it???? HELP!! I don't know what to do!!! I REALLY APPRICIATE IT!! THANKS SO MUCH!
  3. Thank you guys so much. Thats what I was basically thinking, you know explore the friendships more and more and NOT rush things. Maybe it is just nostalgia, you know. Maybe I miss those good memories and thats it. I don't know. My old girlfriend started to come really close to me after a bad accident I had in August. But that doesn't mean anything, I don't think..I'm afraid to say I'm scared..but who knows..
  4. OK..I'm very new to this site, it seems very interesting. I'd really appriciate it if someone can give me advice, I'm very confused and don't know whats right. So my ex-girlfriend and I had been going out for a year till this past May-June when she told me she rather not be my girlfriend anymore. Fine, I felt it wasn't that bad since we had some jealousy issues on both side and it was affecting our daily lives. I still loved her, very much. Some people said she left me for someone else, but I didn't care. I still loved her very much. This whole time, we haven't gone out, but we have talked. Shes expressed to others feelings for me and today I decided to call her to see whats up. She sounded very confused at some of the questions I was asking her. I asked things like, "Tell me what you feel, and lets not play games." She said she still had feelings for me but was also confused. She expressed an interest in maybe going back out. I don't know. On the other hand, I have been talking to another person, for about 2 months and she's very fun to be with. I enjoy her company. We are not boyfriend and girlfriend but she has feelings for me like that. I don't know what I should do since I have feelings for both, doesn't make sense does it? Well, for my EX, I feel like I still love her and shes very important in my life. One side inside of my mind says, "Just go back, you love her so much...." The other says, "NOO..bad choice, MOVE ON, and pursue something new." I don't know what to do. What do you guys think? I'm very confused. Thanks so much in advance!!!!!
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