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  1. I find so hard to study and stay focused on school. I always have other things on my mind when I try to study. I always think of other things. Add: I wish I had a girlfriend sometimes, this may make me happier. Thanks
  2. One friend, advice, just to ask a girl out, But I dont even know how to approach a girl. Thanks
  3. Could being a bit overweight, be part of the problem. Thanks
  4. Theres also a girl i really like but she told me we are only friends. Thanks
  5. I am trying to find out whats wrong with me. Cuz i see other guys talking and dacing with so many girls. Thnks
  6. I went to the club with my friends. I tried talking to some girls, and none would talk, most should ignore me. I cant understand whats wrong with me. Thanks
  7. Every time I tell my friend, to ask his girlfriend, or him to show me a girl. They say they are all taken. I have failed so many times, in the clubs, I ask a girl to dance, she walks away, blahha. I maybe need to work like crazy to get the good looks. Everyone is saying, I got the cute baby looks, and the girls want the bad boy look. Thanks
  8. I have tried before, and failed. Now I am becoming scared. Sometimes girls give me a bad look, when I look at them, or smile. What else can I do. Also remember I am not the best looking guy out there. Thanks
  9. Is it because you live in Florida, lots of Latina girls. Thanks
  10. Tell her stop talking about ex, lets think about the future. Talk about us. Thanks
  11. eXe333

    Need help

    Once again, I tried talking to older girls, and they seem fine, But they r too old for me. I talked to a 27 year old and she was really nice, but too old for me. Thanks
  12. eXe333

    Need help

    You got an excellent point. But still Ive gotta learn. Can someone give me more advice. Some steps I should take. Thanks
  13. eXe333

    Need help

    Im not nervous.Its a shame im old, and cant talk to girls. Thanks
  14. eXe333

    Need help

    Is it possible for the girl to be shy. How can you tell. I talk to them like friend. Thanks
  15. eXe333

    Need help

    What approaches should I take. Thanks
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