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  1. well i realize that part...i just don't know how to do it....ive tried before but he just cries and i feel suckered back in...i cry because i feel i am hurting him...and it hurts me....i realize my only thing is i wont be able to see him....ill have to go back to my ex and he will have to back off.....and i guess its my only problem i dont wanna hurt the guy
  2. we broke up because i met tim and was friends and he just didnt think we were "FRIENDS" and we got back together...but i kept wondering about Tim....but now i am realizing that its not what i really want and i hate to break such a good heart....he is sweet and everything...but i miss the love....i am dying without it
  3. thats the crazy thing...my ex has wanted me back too....we want to be together but me living here just makes things complicated...and i want to fix things...i am empty without my ex....he has gone through a big change and i see so many things i never did before....i miss everything....I just get dragged by tha ankles by my current because he keeps trying to say i love you..and i kniow you love me..and ive told him i am not in love with him..and he kows i miss my ex....he sees me crying i just feel he is being selfish and just worrying about keeping me around regardless of my feelings.....
  4. I am in love with my ex....we are empty without eachother...Just I ended up moving in pretty fast with a new guy...who i have given a chance but am not over my ex...not one bit......and i want to fix things and be happy agin...all i am right now is depressed and no matter what my current guy says...i can't get over it. I tried breaking it off before to go back..but i live with im and he cant afford th place alone....not to mention he cries his eyes out...but I figured if i was still in love with my ex he would better understand my conflict.....help!!! How do i get out....how do i fix this...
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