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  1. Teardrops, I read all your posts and I thank you for writing. Not only is it very insightful, but I think it will also give some warnings to potential abusers. I have experienced a couple of things on that list. Fortunately, they happened at a time where I was still living with my parents so they witnessed some of it. Otherwise, I feel like I would have stayed and would be posting all of what you have here. I am so sorry for what you have gone through. It is a hard lesson of life, but you made it through! You are alive and now know what you will NOT ever put up with, ever again. Some
  2. I really like the self-tanners at cosmetic counters in dept stores. A wee bit pricey, but may be worth it to avoid the orange. Estee Lauder and Lancome have been good ones for my scandanavian skin.
  3. I have to give the motherly advice on this one... If you have a history of skin cancer in your family, DONT GO! I had pre-cancerous moles from only going tanning 3 times. But if there is no history, have fun. Just don't burn.
  4. I found that yes, it is really hard to study in high school when it seems like nobody else cares about it. My advice? Study now, so you have the skills to do it in college. I did horrible for the first year of college due to my lack of study skills. I found it is virtually impossible to study in a familiar environment. Too many distractions, ie TV, wanting to eat, sleep, whatever. Go to a library, or a coffee shop to study. You won't have as many of those distractions. Even a half hour a day makes a big difference. Good job on being proactive in your education. It will truly pay off
  5. Andyg, Take a class, something of interest. If you are artsy, take a ceramics class. Etc. Volunteer. You meet so many people that way, all with their hearts in the right places. Just do stuff that is out of the norm. Don't do it to be looking for a mate, just do it for yourself. If you keep doing things for yourself, you will inevitably meet more friends. And through these friends you will create the links that the above poster was mentioning. Good Luck!
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