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  1. hi wayfara, obviously E has an emotional attraction to you and now she is admitting that she has the hots for you too! yeyyyyyy! maybe her way of admitting it is a bit weird but at the end of the day this is her i think what she needs is a bit of encouragement, a bit of patience from your side ( and you've been doing a great job ), and re-assurance that it's ok to be intimate. choose the right times to talk to her gently. no need to be angry, she just doesn't know how to express her insecurities in a better way. good luck to you two!
  2. E: “You want to go home?” I said no, she leaned in, looking at me, took hold of my chin, touched my lips with the thumb. I was like stun locked, my heart palpitating… But then she just returned her hand. E: “Okay but I want you to go.” She’s always like that. why does she keep on doing that? any opinions?
  3. When she left the room I put on my clothes again and when I got out she was sitting on the sofa crying. I asked her what was wrong she just said “What do you think?” and the only reason I can see to why she was crying is that she was doing it out of disgust. When I tried to make her feel better she said she didn’t want anyone comforting her, not even looking at her. She was really crying a lot and I didn’t know what to say without making her angry. I said it was natural that people who liked each other demonstrated it and she said what she had done had nothing to do with showing affection. "
  4. get her a white rose along with the cook book if you want and a little card that says: to my favorite cook
  5. yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! so she knocked on your door instead of tapping on your window!! and this time with bouquet of flowers and i miss you and love you!! wow!!!! i'm very glad E is back, and you really did the right thing by giving her space and time to think.. bravo wayfara. ok now expect the contradictions, but now with longer periods between one contradition and another.. i think now she is actually swallowing the fact that she likes you very much. by the way she is extremely sweet no wonder you love her so much. ok so you want to get her a present, that's so cu
  6. hey sweet girl how are you doing? ofcoarse you are not obsessive, don't say that. i suggest you read about obsessive behavior before you accuse yourself of being one. simply you have feelings for this girl, and you are not forcing her to do anything she doesn't want, even the kisses incase you haven't noticed were innitiated by her, so relaaaax!! stop being harsh on yourself it's not your fault that your heart chose to love this sweet person inspite of all her issues. and this sweet person obviously has feelings for you that does not want to aknowledge, and you know why she has feelin
  7. oh my god!! i think that she'll be back soon knocking on your window, and will repeat that she only wants to be friends and ends up kissing you. this scenario will go on and on and on until she admits to herself what she is not admitting right now. can you handle the roller coaster of emotions and ups and downs?? that is the question.
  8. "how did you get over your contradicting girlfriend?" Time i guess. and i reached a point where i got so hurt from all the ups and downs and the rejection speeches and "the i love you but shouldn't be with you" drama. it started to affect my self esteem and we both got very depressed each time we broke up. Any way she was feeling guilty because she was married. So her guilt was the reason of all her contradictions. when we first kissed we thought it was just one time and for fun, we never thought that we were going to fall in love. we were together on and off for 2 years. back to you
  9. "The way you put it was very funny, it made me laugh. Well what I am thinking of is if there is a chance she will rethink about her issues about it. Do I have a chance with her if I only give it time or is it a lost cause?" glad it made you laugh well i think you have noticed what E's real issue here, i mean any person will most probably have feelings of disgust seeing her mom having sex on couches and hearing her moan and so on!! her mom really surprises me! how does she think?! it's not appropriate for children as they are growing up to see acts like that because it will affect their
  10. Oh my god! and i thought my g.f was so unique! E is doing the exact same things! from my experience, my g.f's point of view was that she "shouldn't" be having these feelings for me, but when she saw me she felt out of control and overwhelmed with feelings and she would do things with me (e.g kissing) that she shouldn't be doing, because she thought it was wrong. those were her words by the way. now the things she did were very similar to E's contradictions. Wayfara obviously she likes you a lot and attracted to you, no one would kiss someone she is disgusted from and stares in her ey
  11. yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! E is back!!! i knew it! yes the reason i broke up with my g.f was because of her contradictions, she loved me one day and the next felt guilty, or she would be really romantic and the next day wants to be only friends, and when being friends fails she gets frustrated and we end up fighting, we stop talking then miss each other and we are lovers again!!! talk about emotional roller coasters! i think the reason we broke up is that we didn't solve our issues before entering the relationship. Now that i'm out of it i see things more clearly. however i don't regret the relati
  12. see my previous g.f used to do confusing things like E, welcome to the roller coaster of loving a woman! from my experience my g.f obviously was gay but DIDN'T like the idea of being one. it could be the case with E. now calm down and don't confuse yourself with so many questions, give it sometime, maybe a couple of days, you will both have sometime to digest the intimacy of that day. last time when you thought everything was over she came knocking on your window with a plant or a book, that's the way she is. wayfara obviously she is confused and maybe it will take her sometime to
  13. she tells you to go home then she pins you kisses your neck for a while after your love confessions, then tells you to go home again, then responds to your kiss, then again tells you to go home!!! hmmmm!! quite confusing to me! seems like she is confused and contradicting herself. if i was in your place i'd give her some time to digest the idea that she is attarcted to you at least physically. i think she will come back. don't keep blaming yourself everyone gets carried away with their emotions sometime.
  14. yes i agree with aquatic regarding your mom. so happy for all the updates, but i can't believe the phone rang, lol oh and so typical of E to just head home. i agree about what you said that both of you are scared of being like your moms, have to put this into consideration when you get confused by her behaviour. keep up the good work and wish you all the luck with her and hope the phone doesn't ring in intimate moments again.. keep us updated
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