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  1. eat alot before u go to bed. and then watch tv while u fall asleep.
  2. i went out with a guy for three years ( grade 9 to the end of grade 11) and when you young a long relationship means more then when ur an adult. and i broke up with him last summer i told him that when he grew up and matured i would give him a second chance , and he talks to me all the time on msn downtown ect.. but now when i think about it.. i have seen through other guys , and seen how they treat their girlfriends , and i know i deserve better so i will never go back with him.. this is a smart plan , but dont let it bug you if u see him with another girl , life sucks and happens
  3. i saw a guy that i had been crushing on on link removed i saw him everyday on the city bus for a year , we always has serious eye contact , i chated with him on man and we even hung out a few times as friends , then i noticed he wasnt my type and i saved myself from hitting on him and leading him on
  4. just do it just say ,, hey i saw u on facebook , so i added u to friends cuz i knew you, cool page , im working on mine talk to u in class , peace (eneter name here)
  5. I have been dreaming of my Ex alot latly to.... i think is is because there where with you for such along time that they still stick in ur head , dont feel bad you cant help your dreams , and dont think it is a sign or anything.. I have been dreaming of my ex as if he was the person i wanted him to be and he acted the way i always wanted him to be ,,life is weird eh
  6. I cried after sex once , my ex broke up with me and then a few months later we had sex... but i guess this is a tottaly diff story.. If this man you are seeing hase serious feelings for you he will understand.. have you talked to him about this? You have to realize!!!! that man that did that to you was a jerk! and not all men are like that , getting hurt is a part of life and in you case u got REALLY hurt. Just remember when you are having sex with this guy that he is your angle and that if it wernt for all the bad things that had happen to you , you might not have found him. " PERSONAL QUESTION" how do u have sex? is he in control or are you? if he is maybe that is the problem ,,, so why dont you take control? make it feel like you can stop this at anytime.. I know it sucks to be hurt and it is hard to forget... people care about you , and so does this man and it isnt his fault this happen to you and i can guess he is trying hard to help you pass this... if you ever need someone to talk to you can private msg me and i will give u my msn .. Good luck and live life with ur head held high
  7. oh man thats rough , maybe u should consider an aprentiship
  8. I was inlove with my bestfriend once , it is such a stong and painfull thing when they just dont like you that way. But it really seems he likes you. And i doubt he is gay , i mean you would know. my friend figured out i was bi cuz i was always checking out girls. Being gay is hard to hide from friends. Id say dont ask him out cuz he might get scared again, i say just let what happen, happen. he kisses you on the check? thats not just a friendly thing, He is showing he cares about you and if he is one of your BESTFRIENDS, and he knows how you feel about him he wouldnt lead you on for no reason..... he wouldnt want to hurt you. right? so I think you should just leave it be , dont ask him out but treat him more then a friend. like when he has his arm around you slowly grab his hand and when he kisses you on the check smile and look at him and slowly flirt with him. Who says that u have to ask him out? actions are louder then words just go with the flow and pretty soon you will be together . Keep me posted i wanna know how this works out, and everytime you are together just try to become a little closer with him.
  9. how long hdid you date her before she cheated? My bestfriends boyfriend cheated on her in the early months , now they have been going out for a year and a half and are very much in love. He just told her that he cheated a few weks ago. I sat down and asked talked to him about it and he said that he didnt think that the it was a mistake and the reason he didnt tell her right when it happened was because it was only a fresh relationship and he knew she would brake up with him. So he wated to see how far the relationship went. He wants to marry her now , so he told her. Maybe she loves you alot more now then she did then , so she came clean. like my friend and her bfs situatin
  10. Do you and her father get along well? either way this is a really good idea!!! respect from her parents and brownie points for you from your lazy! great idea!!!!! ask her father and her mother. Parents will find that so Mature and serious!!! GOOD LUCK
  11. chantal


    depends , thin chin strap? OK gotee? OK full facial hair NAY!! nasty , gross , makes you look like a bum and a dirt bag , even Brad Pitt cant pull it off ( he tried) clean cut is ok , but full and big !!!!!!! BAD BAD BAD BAD A girl dont want to feel like she is kissing pubic hair
  12. Talk to you father first. make him brake down if he has to. what is he going to do? take somthing away? ground you? dis-own you? then he would have to explain it to your mother right? I dont have a dad really so i dont know how a father daughter relationship works. But for the sake of your mother the one who has no idea and who hasn't done anything to deserve this. This must be killing you and your sister, so you cant just leave it alone. Spy on your father or get someone you know to do it. call the show CHEATERS? they might help you. But talk to him , you will know if he is lying
  13. how long have you been going out for? tell her that you dont really like talking on the phone that much and that you like talking to her in person better. I had the same thing with my boyfriend but it wasnt akward or anything cuz we went out for three years. Do you have a cell phone with tex msging? that REALLY helps or msn/. because you dont have to say much and it takes more time. plus if u do have tex msging she will love the hear the sound of her ring tone and know that it is you. good luck ~ chantal ~
  14. If you are talking about Friends with Bennies ( a friend you have sex with) don't do it!!! It's not a good idea one out of the two always get hurt. The only reason most pple have friends with bennies is because one of the two has feelings for the other. I have been through this and it hurt so bad and in the end i felt used and dirty and i felt that no man would ever want me for anything but sex ( this isnt my 1st friend with bennies but it WILL be the last). It has been over a year now and i cant seem to trust another man. I thought that if i kept having sex with him he would learn to like me and then love me, but then he just stoped texing me. I found out he had a girlfriend and they had been with eachother for about 3 years!!! i felt like such a and i havent had sex sense. maybe i should write a thread about this eh. Dont let his words twist ur mind , because men LIE! sorry ~Chantal~
  15. well im glad to hear that you got out. Maybe you should consider going to highschools and talking about this issue. Lots of girls my age are staying in bad relationships and maybe they need an eye opener. I dont know what is going on with men now a days but they feel they have the right to control their girlfriends. I HATE IT!!! And I think girls need to know that they dont have to go through this and that there are better man out there. But anyway im at school and i have to go now , lol talk to you later im proud of you ~chantal~
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