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  1. So we should look past the symantics and analyzie the root meaning of whats going on? No, sorry. You can slice it anyway you choose too, but nothing matters other than the facts. And you're saying he's your friend until if/when he finds out whats going on? Wow! To answer your question: Don't continue bumpin and grindin with his girlfriend. Don't say anything and go about your business. Of course, you never know when her Jimmy Crickets gonna get the better of her and she just may come clean... heaven forbid! OR You could do the right thing and come clean first. Accept the consequences of your actions and learn from them. Just a thought.
  2. Agree 100%. Please don't refer to him as your 'friend'. He is clearly not that any longer... you've made sure of it.
  3. Lol. This is like a crackhead getting mad at his dealer for selling another crackhead something with more juice. It's just one of those situations that no one should be a part of. And for an outsider looking in... you just gotta laugh. "Things that make you go hmmm..." ~C&C Music Factory
  4. I apologize if this has been said, but it was a little difficult to read through all the replies. BOTTOM LINE: We ALL, men and women alike, have needs and desires; some more so than others. Humans as a whole are sexual creatures; some more than others. Why is it wrong to want to experience things? FACTS: He has a great girlfriend of 6 years He is a horn ball ADVICE: You won't stop thinking about it. Trust me, I know. It will weigh on your mind day and night until you finally reach a breaking point. For her sake and yours, breakup with her and do what you need to do. Chances are though, you're going to realize it wasn't what you thought, you'll miss your girl and it'll be too late for you to do anything about it. But at least you got to get 'it' out of your system. I'm being serious by the way. You will have learned something new and will have gained a new life experience... which will hopefully make you a more complete person. Life is all about experiencese and learning.
  5. NC is not meant to be a 'game' or a tool used to win back your ex. It's meant for one's own personal healing. Often it is difficult to be in contact with an ex as it is a painful reminder of what once was, but is no more. Assuming that you understand and are accepting of a breakup, I don't think NC is necessary. It really is a 'case by case' type of deal. It's not for everyone, and it doesn't apply to every situation.
  6. Lol, oh my... it's like watching a train wreck in slow motion :splat:
  7. I will say this.... only a VERY small percentage of people in this world are fortunate enough to experience true and unconditional romantic love. An even smaller percentage are fortunate enough to have it reciprocated towards them. we often make the mistake of using 'love' as we would hope it would be; to cure fear. Fear of being alone, fear of not accomplishing certain life goals, fear of lack of physical touch and intamcy... you get the picture. Love in it's purest and most authentic form is NOT an emotion. Love is an action. Now, based on your wife's actions, does that equate to love? Based on what you and every human being should expect in a relationship/marriage, do you want that for yourself? You don't want your second marriage to fail. Understandable. Based on what you say she is doing, I can completely understand why a second divorce is a worse alternative...
  8. To save you time and to put it to you bluntly... Yes, she is cheating on you. Whether it be physically, emotionally or both... you are currently sharing her with another person.
  9. Welcome to ENA... what's the story behind your situation?
  10. Sorry friend, but I GUARANTEE something went down. If they didn't have sex, it was only because he couldn't make it that far... I hate to sound this way, but I'm only stating what most people are already thinking or know. Look at the facts, and look at the general behavior of the relationship partners being referenced on these forums... then look at the outcomes. They cheat and they lie. Point is; people come to these forums because they have a hunch. Hunches are hunches for a reason and the majority of cases have validity. Hence the cliche: TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!
  11. Maybe he would just rather play video games or watch TV. That was my reasoning... though I lost the girl because of it. At the same time, if I really did care about her, I don't think I would've rather played video games or watched TV in the first place.... just saying.
  12. Gotta agree here. Of course he loves you... we all cheat on the people we love.
  13. Move to Hawaii. The only girls who don't date Asians are the ugly ones... just sayin.
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