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  1. My wife of 1/2 years has a long history of remaining in bad relationships and letting herself be abused. So now at this point anything that happens it seems she considers abuse. We both have anxiety and depression. Not a good thing. I am moody. We have been going through a rough time. I have supported her entirely for 3 years, and she wsa diagnosed with the big C from a mole, which happened a year ago, but all her scans are clear, thankfully. Anyway, I work full time, and I have provided her with a home, cars, and we are pretty well off. However, due to the stress of supporting her pr
  2. Good advice. I've tried to tell her this, but she thinks I'm her husband and I should support her. She is extrodinarily quick to think of herself as the victim, and I've had to be extra senstivie to show that I care. According to her NOBODY cares about her or takes her seriously. I agree with her in most cases, but when you have someone acting as if the entire family and world is against them, something just doesn't seem accurate about that, even though I don't really know the true answer, it just does not seem right from a common sense point of view. Because I am stressed out over work lat
  3. I've never been one to handle stress, but after almost 2 years of marriage, I sometimes wish I were single again. Being tied down means there is just no escape from the drama, and an obligation to provide support no matter how frequent the stressors are dished out. Since I've been married, i've had to deal with frequent drama between my wife and her family. I am always getting calls at work because my wife's mother, brother, dad, did this or that, or said this or that, etc... I don't have this kind of drama because I keep myself at a distance to those who are "toxic" so to speak. I kn
  4. Been married about 1 1/2 years. My wife is somewhat of an emotional wreck. She argues with her family constantly, often thinks everyone is against her. She gets mad at everyone it seems, neighbors, people walking by who she perceives as cutting her off, or not holding the door, etc... She has major self-esteem issues. I have been in a support role for over 3 years with her. When I'm alone, I think to myself. Does being married make me happier than when I was single? The simple answer is NO. My wife stresses me the hell out. I have to constantly "deal" with insecurities and over-react
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