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  1. Well, nothing else happened on our dates, but I noticed he seemed awfully interested in asking about my roommate which made me think he had a hunch that I was still living a guy (and the fact that he was trying to maintain a respectable distance). I dont know, maybe it had nothing to do with it then.
  2. Yes, I do like him a lot and that is why I told him. Since I haven't heard from him, I figured I had nothing to lose by coming clean and being honest, in case that was why he didnt call after awhile. (There's a good chance he could have known). I sent it to him and he usually checks his email and responds by 8 AM and he hasn't responded back so I guess I got my answer. Would a guy interpret this email to mean that I did like him and in case this was the reason he hesitated with pursuing, I wanted to come clean with it?
  3. OK, I messed up big time by not informing a date that I was still living with an ex while waiting for my new place. I decided after three weeks to send him this note. (I think he may have known based on my response when he asked me about my roomate. (I was kind of evasive and just mumbled that I lived with my friend Lisa). "Mike, hope you don't think I'm nuts for bringing this up several weeks later, lol, but in case you had a hunch, just wanted to apologize for not being upfront about my roommate when you asked me several weeks back at Strabucks. I was afraid if I just honestly explained the situation, (that I was still living with my ex-boyfriend while waiting for my place to become avail. in Jan), it would ruin any chances of possibly getting to know you. If you didn't know, then I guess I REALLY look like a shmuck now, lol. Have a good day-" Was this OK what I wrote? Does it at least tell him that I was thinking about how I goofed (felt bad about it) and wanted him to get back in touch? Thanks.
  4. Well, I really suggested meeting him out twice at a bar because we both would see each other out at bars and it seemed like a non-threatening way to get to know someone with no pressure of a date. I did make it a point to only have three drinks the last time we hung out and even stopped drinking before he did and told him I usually only have a few drinks while out, although the last time I saw him, I was a little more irresponsible than normal. We had intelligent converstion all night and I didnt act like a lush or anything. (I tried to make up for the first night I acted kind of sloppy). The ironic thing is I asked him if he goes out every weekend (since I always see him out) and he pretty much said that he does. (I was actually more concerned that he is more of the going out type than me- usually a sign I suppose of someone who isnt likely to settle down). He always leaves bars somewhat early and doesnt really apporach women though.
  5. I wouldn't call her or text her. You made it clear you were interested and she did not offer another time to see you. If a guy called to ask me out and I said I was busy, (and i liked him) I would defiintely suggest another time. It could be you are showing too much interest (not enough challenge). Make her wonder why you didnt call. She knows you like her so if there is enough interest on her part, she will come calling.
  6. I've had a crush on this guy for about a year and was pretty sure it was mutual. (We'd always flirt when we'd see each other out but never actually spoke). After he came up next to me and smiled, I decided to hand him my number as my girlfriends were leaving, and he seemed really happy that I did. He called me a few days later and we met out at a bar before the holidays. He told me he always thought I was attractive as well and bought me drinks for the rest of the night and gave me his full attention. At the end of the night, he walked me to my car but didnt try to make a move (or ask me out). I did have a bit to drink though and thought maybe I turned him off or something by acting a little too forward. After two weeks had passed, I decided to give him a quick text to let him know I would be out at a bar (my last attempt I guess) He immediately texted back and said he would try to make it. He showed up and his face lit up when he saw me. He gave me a big hug and told me he was glad I texted him to come out. He again bought me drinks all evening, gave me his full attention, and asked me twice when I would be getting back from going out of town for Christmas. (I also asked him about his work and he immediately pulled out his business card with his email on it and gave it to me). His hand was on my back for most of the night as well so I was pretty sure there was chemistry. As he walked me to the car though, I felt him keep me at arms length again so I felt very confused. I let him know I had a great time talking to him and he again said he was glad he came out to see me and wished me a merry Christmas. That was it. It's now Jan 1 so should I assume he just wasnt interested? One thing I wanted to add is that this guy has a close friend who is a cousin of my ex boyfriend. Im pretty sure he knows this since he would frequently (up till a few months ago) see me out with him. I am no longer in a relationship with the ex (we are still living under the same roof until Feb 1 when I move out into a new place) so I thought maybe he is aware of this? I never brought it up to him in conversation and when he asked me about my roomate, I did kind of change the subject and said it was with a female friend. I was afriad if I told him I was still living with the guy, he would no be interested in seeing me, although I did mention to him I was getting a new place Feb 1, and he looked surprised when I said this. Do you think this my be why he is keeping me at a distance? I dont plan to contact him again since I have already gone out of my way to show interest. Thanks.
  7. Ive had a crush on a guy for like two years who I have seen out several times at local places. I felt we had this attraction as we would both always stare at each other and smile. A few weeks ago, he was alittle more bold and came up right next to me and gave me a huge smile (I did nothing out of shyness). I did get the courage though to have my friend give him my number before I left. He called a few days later (Monday night) and asked what I was doing for the weekend. (I was going away on vacation so suggested maybe we get together the next night while we were both out. He eneded up calling me twice the next night and met me at a bar I said I would be at (He pretty much ditched his plans to go somewhere else). When he saw me, he got a huge smile on his face and said he noticed me several times and smiled at me because he was really attracted. Stupid me though was kind of drunk from a basketball game I attended earlier (I was also nervous) and spouted out how I noticed him for two years and thought he was really cute. Everything seemed to be going well (his friend left) and he was giving me attention but then he sort of started acting different and at 2 AM said he had to leave but would walk me to my car. I think I was acting too interested in him and when he walked me to my car, I kissed him and he looked a little uncomfortable and kind of turned it into a hug. I then kissed him again and he hugged me and said "why don't we save this for another time when you get back after Monday." There was no doubt an attraction based on how happy looked and the way he was looking at me inthe beginning but Im afraid I did something to turn him off, being that I was drunk and acted too interested. I came back on Monday and it is now Wednesday night, my feeling is he would have called by now if he was REALLY interested? Also, another mistake, I kept asking him if he had a girlfriend (Ive seen him out with someone in the past) and he would say no and then turn it back on me and ask if I had a boyfriend. (Truth is, I am still kind of involved with someone eho happpens to be his friend's cousin, but Im not sure if he knows). He's seen me with this guy before in the past and attended a few events together with his friend and my "boyfriend" but Im not sure if he was able to put it all together. He did keep turning it around on me asking if I had a boyfriend so, could that be a factor as well as to why he hasn't called yet? (The thing is, if he knew, he still called me and saw me out regardless so Im not sure that would be it). I really had a thing for this guy and am upset I did something wrong. Thanks.
  8. Heck, now I wish I was strong enough like you guys to just not respond period instead of sending an email. Now he knows Im all bent out of shape about it, AND I didn't completely close the door on him!!
  9. Yeah, that's exactly what I'm thinking, who the heck can't find two hours or two dollars for coffee? Yet, he kept calling me, giving the impression he was interested, and told me he was. He actually seems like a confident guy. Did I have a right then to respond with such a hasty response? Since he hasn't responded, I kinda feel like a nut (being that we have not met) I dont want to look like a pushover though.
  10. I have been emailing/talking to a guy I met on the net for over a month now. He has been very diligent with sending me long, thoughftul emails and phone calls, telling me he is very interested. The problem though is that I feel he is leading me on. I have wanted to meet up the last three weeks (he seemed excited about it) but it seems there is always a reason he cannot meet up. Before, he had a project over the weekend (he works for himself), then I had two weddings the next two Saturdays (but he didnt ask me out on the other days) and then last week (after he asked me what I had going on for the week on the phone) I suggested a Saturday to get together. He waited again until the last minute, sending me a huge email, explaining that he did not get paid for his project and would have to wait (maybe next week) until we could go out so that he could properly take me for a nice dinner. (He would be calling me on Sunday to see how I was) I was a bit upset because I just feel as if I'm being stringed along since he cant make a date. (My fear is that he is seeing someone on the weekend and I dont want to look like a fool). It's been four days now since I sent it and haven't heard from him. I assume I prob won't now after this email, lol). I answered back with the following email: "Steve, All I know with certainty is that after a month corespondance, you are not available to meet. I have to assume at this point that you are either not interested or too bus with other women to make the effort to meet. When a guy is interested, he makes a concrete plan in advance and asks you out on a Sat/Fri to let you know he is sincere (and not seeing other women). I put my ego on the line twice and made myself available to meet, despite being busy with weddings, etc.. To be honest, it confuses me that a guy would continue to call/email without wanting to set something up to meet. You turned me down twice (at the last minute) and to be honest, it kind of bruised my ego and made me feel confused. I don’t want to keep dragging this on with emails/phone calls if there is no intention to meet. I’ve listened to everything you have said Steve, and if you truly have a money issue due to the nature of your work, that would be understandable. What sticks out in my mind though is that you also told me you were willing to fly to another state to see a girl you knew 2 months and that you were hurt she changed her mind at the last minute. Yet, you can’t even drive an hour in the middle to meet me. If you are sincerely interested Steve (and not dating other women/in a relationship etc..) then you need to show me with actions. Have a nice weekend, Melinda" Now, does this email make me look like a nut or does it tell him i dont want him to mess with me unless he's serious about meeting? Thanks.
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