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  1. Sometimeshy, you've posted that exact same story before. lol
  2. Yup, that's what I'm doing now. I'm hanging out with my white friends this weekend ... although it's pointless since none of their non-black male friends will find me attractive, right? Oh, well, maybe I'll make some new nice friends. It's hard to step away from school since I live at school. But i'm going to try some link removed groups and visiting the city more often when it gets warmer. Thanks for the tip.
  3. Don't you live in New York? I'm assuming your friend lives there too. Too far away. And no I don't ignore guys. Was your friend hitting on me? No. Nice try. lol. This is not self-pity; it's reality.
  4. Iaka, I'm very observant...lately, I've been giving eye to all the men around me...even the unattractive ones. They still don't approach, so explain that, thanks. Gry, please don't make this about men. this whole board is catered to help men. Besides, the sperm chases the egg.
  5. what am i supposed to do to get some kind of a love life then?
  6. Some things don't make sense. Usually women are told that they don't have confidence, and that's the reason they don't get approached. Now it's also possible to have too much confidence, and not be approached? This is kind of frustrating.
  7. Just got back from the gym. Even though I just increased my approachability, still no approach. lol but okay, here are my answers: I have to 2 other questions. 12.Location, location! Where do you live/spend your time? Big city? Is it diverse? I live in medium sized well known city, it's diverse, but in poor condition. i go to a big school, mostly white, but somewhat diverse. next to a known big diverse city. place not exactly known for southern hospitality. but if my friends/other women still get attention here, why not me? 13.Personality. What's your personality like? somew
  8. I know we're in the minority since most women get hit on as they step one foot out the door. But anyway, this survey is for women who don't get approached at all, those that only get approached at clubs by drunk men, those who only get approached by men who are too old/young to date them, or approached by the druggy men on the street, etc. Maybe this will help us figure out why we fall into this category. (Although I'm starting to believe there's nothing wrong with us, and it's because life's just not fair.) Here's some of the things I'm told to do to be approachable: 1). I was t
  9. i'm not talkative at all. and lol at having my quote in your siggy. yay for sarcasm!
  10. just have confidence! it will solve all of your problems
  11. i don't think she should be basing how she feels about herself based on what her boyfriend thinks
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