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  1. I like a challenge too. But I can find ways to chalange myself without being in a crisis. I do love a good debate though.
  2. The number 12 thing was funny. I didn't notice it was missing, lol. I've been in a relationship for quite a while now and I still feel that way.
  3. ML, I have read some of your other posts. You seem to have a very condescending and stereotypical view of women. I, personally, don't feel like I need constant support from men. I also don't expect guys to buy me things. I work two jobs and if I want something I whip out my own cash and buy it. And I am not one of those pissed off feminist chicks either. I do think a lot of women get away with more then they should, and a lot of women expect to be spoiled and worshipped, but not all women, as you seem to think. My SO would tell you if he was here that I am speaking the truth here. As for this situation, instead of hitting her you should have just told her it was over and asked her to leave. You both are better off without each other from the way it sounds.
  4. That is insane, he is taking it way too hard. My SO has seen me kiss other girls all in good fun and he could care less! It's not like there was any feeling behind it. It's not like it was behind his back, and you aren't gay or bi so what would it matter to him. I do agree with the others. The only "even" way to go is for him to kiss a guy. And I would tell him that too. I would go as far as taking him to a gay bar, but that is just me, lol.
  5. Pantene is actually bad for your scalp. It is good for your hair, but bad for your scalp. It has wax in it that clogs your follicles. You may aslo want to try a remove all treatment. You can buy them in one application packets at most places.
  6. There is an excellent shampoo/conditioner you can use that people swear by. I have a friend who's Mom had to go through radiation therapy, and she got this stuff and it worked wonders, she didn't even lose her hair. It's called Nioxin. However, it is really expensive. There is a generic version you can get that works just as good from what I have heard. It's called Nutra Ox. My grandma and my aunt both do hair for a living. So I get the inside scoop about this stuff from time to time.
  7. Well, I have never diagnosed anyone, but my brother and I were both diagnosed ADHD in adolescense.(sp?) One thing you don't want to do is treat it like it is all his fault and like he has some serious mental problem. That is how my parents approached it. No one ever really took the time to explain to me what the problem was. My Mom just kept taking me to my shrink, who would talk to me for twenty minutes or so. Then send me outside and talk to my Mom. My Mom also used to bring my artwork and things I wrote to the shrink to look at. But no one ever really told me why I had to visit a shrink. They just let me think I was nuts and crazy and everything else. Personally (and this is a controversial opinion to some) I think ADHD is misdiagnosed a lot. The schools use it as an excuse to label any kid who learns differently or has the slightest problem learning so it doesn't make the school look bad. And Ritalin is terrible. My brother and I both expirienced the same unpleasant side effects when we were on it. There are other medications like Cylert that are not as harsh. And there are even over the counter supliments you can buy that I would trust before Ritalin any day. IF a school ever called me up and told me my kid should go on Ritalin I would tell them in the politest way possible to kiss my, well, you know what.
  8. Just do all you can to avoid this loser. Block him form your IM, don't answer his calls, etc. Leave him in the passed.
  9. Hi, I am so sorry to hear you are goinmg through all of this. It is devestating to say the least. I do agree that he needs help. But, I also think you should get some help. Not saying there is anything wrong with you, but for puproses of coping with everything.
  10. I was pretty much going to say the same thing Chai said. DO these guys ask you for your number after a few emails? Because if they do they most likely only want in your pants.
  11. Well, this might seem unconventional... But maybe you could just say that to him. Not bringing up that you know all this stuff or any of that. But just say "Dad, you've changed, I miss the way you used to be." WHen adults get a wake up call from their children it really gets the point accross.
  12. This will sound really harsh... But I could tell by reading the title of your thread that you are not ready to be engaged.
  13. I practice Asatru, so I am kind of on the same Page as you are. "Science is magic that has not been explained yet, and magic is science that has not been explained yet." I heard this quote a few years ago (can't even remember where) and it stuck with me. One of my favorite quotes.
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