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  1. I was paranoid about having unprotected sex with my girlfriend, i dont cum inside her or even near that area, is there still a risk of pregnancy?
  2. I am talking to this girl for three weeks, i like her and tonight i wanted to tell her how i felt, it was going to go something like this: "look, i think youre cool and i just wanted to let you know i find you attractive, and im not telling you this because I want something to come form it, but if something did that'd be awesome, but i just thought you should know, thats all." Now, this will go down on AIM, but, is that a good thing to say and do now, or should i wait?
  3. that makes a lot of sense, in that cause is it right to say that of a women/girl talks to you on the phone/IM, then there could have been a chance?
  4. What are some ways guys get trapped in the friend zone, and how could they avoid it? Guys can post too! Thanks image removed
  5. Yea i agree, thats the same here, hit the nail on the head.
  6. Quick question, i have a friend who is a girl and i wanted to know how would i know she likes me or not cuz i suck with signs: 1.Asks me to walk with her after class somwhere 2.Playfuly hits me sometimes 3. there are some others but thats what stands out to me the most...any idea?
  7. Hmmm...sounds good, just dont want her to feel weird ya know...
  8. But how if she is just walking about, should i stop here and start a convo? sound strange, HeLp?
  9. There is this girl i want to talk to, BUT, i have no classes with here, she is mostly with her friends when i see her, and i dont know if the right idea would be to walk up to her and say "Yo, how you doin? my name is Jon Doe, i just seen you around and wanted to know who you were." It is a strange situation...any ideas?8-[
  10. In my view and exp., shy guys finish last
  11. He guys, just a quick question, what is the best way to approach a women/girl out of the blue? Anyone?
  12. I mean we were in class and she asked did i/would i want to walk with her to the lunch room, she playfuly hit me a couple of times on the way and we joked around, but those could just mean she sess me as a friend, i am not good with signs so i dont know what they mean...
  13. hmmmm, i dont know, she acts like....dunno, i do like her, but im not good with signs so i dont know exactly how she feels, what are some signs?
  14. It went alright, i might just want to be eher friend...i donno...
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