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  1. i do have a feeling that i am proably going to have to choose one group... thanx everyone!
  2. Ok well i was best friends and inseprable with this girl Amanda. Come 6th grade, i went to middle school and her and my other friend alyssa stayed at elementry to do 6th grade. I went to amanda's house everyday because we shared a babysitter. I started to loathe going to her house because all she would do was sit at the computer and do her homework, but wen she did finish, she would play solitare not even talking to me. so i started asking the babysitter to drop me off at my house because "my mom wanted me home" so amanda and i grew apart but me and alyssa kept our friendship through the phone. Now i'm in 8th grade, i havent talked to amanda in like over 2 years now but her and alyssa (who go to the same school, but not my school) are best friends as well, but alyssa is amandas only friend Alyssa and i r best friends as well. Come next year, the three of us will meet again in high school. I'm worried that i mite lose my friendship with alyssa if i dont become friends with amanda... Alyssa doesnt like my friends so amanda probably wont either. Should i just wait for amanda and/or alyssa to come over to me in high school or should i go to them?
  3. i would be like afraid of my dad to confront him! sure he'djust deny it, but it mite get out of hand and just get me in trouble
  4. if ur a loner at school, wats ur elective? because i no if ur in, for instance, band than ur almost guarenteed to make friends. theres one person in my band class that has no friends and thats because she doesnt try and she has bad hygenine and, well im not going on.
  5. dont blame her for getting an abortion. i may be extremely young to voice my opinion on this stuff but yea... anyways, u cant blame her, if she knew she wasnt ready to have a child, if she got pregnant on accident, than shes obviously not mature or responsible enough to care for a child... plus theres the finacial problem. and theres the relationship with her bf problem...
  6. im sure they do it for the same reason my parents did it... they just want something to talk about with me... my parents sunk so low once that they hired my bro to listen in to me and my bff conversation. wenever my parents suspect something of me and like a male friend they listen in on my conversations with that person... as soon as i find out they're listening, i start talking about doing drugs and how "i was snorting some gold yesterday" im a honor student whos made it clear to my parents that i think drugs are stupid. so at the point were i start talking bout drugs they hang up
  7. hell, thats wat i did! maybe if u delete them then he'll realize some1 in the house nos and he should stop... it didnt work on my dad though...
  8. i know what ur going through. I've caught my dad looking at porn. Not teenage porn, but porn none the less. I am only 13. I will be walking down the hallway and happen to look into the computer room and my dad will be sitting there looking at some blonde lady without anything on. i then knock on the door and he quickly minimizes it and pretends hes playing spider solitare. he then erases the history on AOL wen i cant wait there anymore. one day my dad grounded me because i wouldnt let him look at my myspace emails and my real emails. as i was arguing with my mom, i broke down and told her... it didnt do much, i dont think my mom confronted him that night, i tried to listen into their conversation and i didnt hear anything.. but the point of this story is that there is almost nothing u can do about it. srry u gotta go through
  9. maybe u should contact some people that used to be her friends, if she didnt have any then get some ppl that could have been her friends, and have them go visit her. but do not do that with her!!! shes only a sophmore!
  10. Would you rather never know if your friend had a crush on you or have them tell you that they really like you, even though you know that they know who you like right now and stuff like that?
  11. He probably quit the team because maybe he's realized hat his friends arent exactly the same, and he doesnt want to be with them. Well Try suggesting band, or drama club, im sure he'll meet new friends like him.
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