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  1. We have been toegther for 3 years and that's exactly where the nightmare started.
  2. The reason I broke up with her was because I couldn't take it anymore in our last argument in which the few scars on my face are still left as a result (from her long nails).
  3. The more I think about it the less pity I have for her. As for calling the cops I'm not sure how will they take it. Won't they be laughing that it's a girl doing this? I had broken up with her for 5 months already and well the first incidence was her throwing a glass bottle on my window (lucky I was no where near) and trying to get in by kicking on my door. Like I stated I never reoprted because I figure they would just not take it serious. I'll try talking to her parents about it tough.
  4. Hi I'm at a loss of what to think now and for the first time it's like I don't really care if she does it or not. However at the same time I feel like I'm going to be responsible for it. I'm fed up with it already. Is this another one of her sick games or she seriously about it because she never was a suicidal depressive person? While I was at work, I was told it was an important call and there was her voice, saying things about how I was her life, that she couldn't live without me and that she wants me back and how I would not be able to find another girl that loved me as her. She end up b
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