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  1. thanks alot for your words that really give me the courage to think and view things from another point of view. THANK YOU ALL. I guess i really deserve a better man and I also want my son to grow up safe and defenetly NOT like his dad. I guess all of you all are right. But as soon as i leave he's going to go back and beg me to go back.
  2. and i as i already said he has cheated on me ALOT but his relationships with the other girls were not as long as this one
  3. That girl is soo imature as him, she knows i am married to him and we have a son together, and she still planns to stay with him. I noticed they've been together for about 8 months and I dont know if he really loves "her"not me. But also by what she told me she also sounds like she's his victim, she told me she's only 15 and she's a virgin (like i said my husband is crazy over being her first one) and he's telling her all kinds of lies or telling her he'll leave me and stuff like that, he's making her fall in love with him.
  4. I would tell that person to leave him of course, but sometimes I decide to wait and see if he'll change someday
  5. No he's never physically abused me But everytime i go back to my mom's house he's always begging me to go back and promising me he'll change. But he never does anyway.
  6. I guess he does not love me and i should have listened to my mom
  7. If he does not love me then why did he chose me to be his wife instead of all those girls he went out before me??????????
  8. I guess he is; that girl also told me that he got soooo jealous whenever he found out he had a boyfriend, so he's trying to control her and me! I just dont know what to. I love him very much! i gave away everything to be with him, i even desobeyed my mom and my family!
  9. but if he does not love me then why does he BEG me to stay with him and whenever i leave the house he always makes me go back???????
  10. But i love him VERY much and i dont want my son to suffer the consecuenses
  11. so nobody thinks keeping up with this relationship is right for me??
  12. well yes my mom would accept me at her house but he does not let me go very easy, I love him very much and i cant say NO whenever he's over there begging me to go back with him, but then i remember that "that" girl said he only wanted to be with his son not me. so i get very confused
  13. Hello, friends I am Brianna, I'm 18 and I am married to a guy that's been cheating on me SEVERAL times and we have a son that's just 5 months old, i think he's cheated on me more times that i can imagine. Well it all started last July me and him were just boyfriend and girlfriend then i found out i was pregnant I told him and we talked it over, WE both knew my parents would not let me get married to him since he is such a pimp and he likes to drink and he's had ALOT of chicks. I told him that my parents would NOT let me leave home and go with him, so he said that he would take to live at his dad's house, without telling my parents or nobody. Well like a week later i left the house and i went to live with him and his dad, there were several times when my mom came over and told me to go back to the house because he was not a good man for me and that i deserved more but i LOVED him and i still do so i did not listen to her. The first couple of months everything went just fine he worked and came back right away, he only used his cellphone for his job, we went out together, we were together just fine, but then he started changing and i noticed he never got back from work until really late, then he would suddenly go out, BUT things just started to get worse, then he would talk on the phone for hours and he would not let me listen, and he would get TONS of ''private calls" and nobody would answer. until one time i went to go spend the night over at my mom's house and the next morning i check the phone and there were like 5 calls from this "lisa" at 11:30 at night. so i call over and it was the voice of a young girl and i asked her why was she calling so late at night, but she said it was a wrong number, of course i did not believe her 100% but then i told my husband and he said it was he's friends' sister. I was in love so love makes you believe a lie. so months passed by and i thought everything was over but i was WRONG, i check on my husband's phone and there were ALOT of "her" phone calls!!! I was soo mad i decided to leave the house, but then he just told me it would be fine and he was NOT cheating on me and that girl was from where he worked. Then one night when he was all drunk i was in the room with my son and i heard that he was dialing someone. so i wait till he finishes then when he left i went over and pressed "redial" and it was "her" phone number, so i get into a big argument with him and i leave thehouse but like 3 days he goes to my house and tells me that he loves me and he does not want me to leave , and he wants to be with his son, so i go back. then last week i call "her" and she answeres and i ask her "why do you call my husband??" and we argued but then she started telling me all he said about me!! He had told her that he has cheated on me soo many times that he lost count, and that he was only with me for his son, and what hurt me more is that he said that he we were going to divorce on January when i turn 19 cause he is going to give mi Child Support. But i was devastated when i found out that she was "his" illusion, he's crazy about being "her" first one, and he's got it all planned and he told her he loves her and he wants to have a serious relationship and he loved her since the first day he saw her, and that he treats her like a princess and he's always thinking of her!!! I told my husband and he denys everything I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO maybe my mom was right, I just want to know what do yall think "does he love me??" or does he love her????????
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