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  1. A couple of friends were over when my nephew was here....and long story short he may have added a few new words to his vocabulary. He's still pretty young (15 months) but he's walking around my place saying them. I'm not sure how to deal with this. I've just been ignoring it as to not provoke anything further.... but sometimes its honestly hard not to laugh. Has anyone else had to deal with this? My bad... I just really hope this doesn't last. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  2. Hey, I am also in a long-distance relationship and saying goodbye is always hard. My bf just left yesterday again. I shed a couple of tears when he leaves, but I don't really let myself have a full out cry. Then for a good week afterwards he is all my roommate and friends hear about. lol. It really doesn't get easier as time goes on...as we get closer it seems to get harder. I wasn't too bad yesterday though because only two more months of long-distance left!
  3. I actually just read this: I didn't even know that was possible...
  4. Well he is pretty big so I'm guessing maybe that has something to do with it? I'm usually alright, i think maybe I should just ease into it with that position? hopefully it gets better and this isn't an everytime thing. Thanks guys
  5. This is kind of embarrassing...but here I go anyway. My boyfriend and I have just started having sex within the last couple of weeks....things seem to be going good except one thing. We tried a different position last night...where he could have a deeper penetration, but it really hurt as he was getting deeper. My question is....is this normal? Do you think it could just be because we haven't had very much sex yet and that was new? I checked the net and it makes it sound pretty bad, like something could be wrong. Has anyone else ever experienced this? I'm fine before and after sex...just that moment during.
  6. Hey, I think its great that you want your gf to feel comfortable, thats awesome. It sounds to me though that you might be thinkig about this so much that it takes some of the enjoyment out of things and adds to the pressure. Honestly I have found that a simple "are you ok?" is great and can tell you everything you need to know. Communication is key.
  7. This might be a dumb question but I'm curious. When you get a tattoo, they usually shave the area before they start right? Does this make hair grow back more ...like do you have to keep shaving there even if its not a normaly hairy area? Also, how long do you normally have to keep the bandages and such on? Thanks!
  8. Hi...thanks for the advice guys, for the most part it seems to be getting better, but the bump has me a little worried. It seems to be bigger than a normal ingrown hair and is kind of swollen. I don't know...I'm just keeping an eye on it and hopefully it goes away. Thanks again. Mel
  9. Hi sorry guys..I'm female. The razor burn is on bikini area... its pretty bad I think and in one spot there's a lump that formed...is that normal?
  10. The Title says it all....any advice at all will do. thanks.
  11. Hi sorry... I am 19, 5'6 and just hit 110.
  12. Hey, So I've been working on gaining weight this year. I'm sick of being the tiny girl, and really i feel disgusting. If you are curious about my size you can ask. I've started going to the gym...I don't do much if any cardio...because when I do I lose weight like crazy. I've been focusing on lifting weights and its been going pretty good. Since Christmas I've gained 7 pounds and feel great. I'm getting good definition too. My doctor also recommended I start taking whey protein because my diet is lacking and I lift so much. But the thing is my weight has stopped...and I can't see myself getting over this little hill. I'm at my highest weight that I've ever been at and haven't ever gone past this. Am I doing everything right? Or is there something I should be doing different? Also...I take my protein after a work-out...is that the best way? Thanks in advance mel
  13. What a rat....good call in blocking him, you don't need to deal with people like that. Did he actually think that was smooth? If he felt the need to insult you're appearance on top of it shows that he really isn't as confident and mature as he lets on.
  14. The fact that you are posting and asking others about what they think, while doubting, means that you are not ready for such a casual encounter. You seem to be very attached already... just lookin out for you.
  15. Why can't you just make a friend if you are lonely? Having a sexual relationship just because you feel lonely is a bad idea. You will just end up hurt. Having sex with him won't make you less sensitive....and you will not scare all boys off. There are guys out there who don't just want sex...if anything, I think they would repsect you more because you waited until you were ready and with someone who cared for you rather than just throwing it away. Take this from someone who lost her virginity to a one night stand...please. At least think about everything. Its not worth it.
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