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  1. ....exactly, I'm just curious quiet girl (I just started looking at this thread) but are you waiting for marriage or a long-term relationship? And if so, how will you determine when the time is "right"? Just wonderin
  2. Hi sorry... I am 19, 5'6 and just hit 110.
  3. Hey, So I've been working on gaining weight this year. I'm sick of being the tiny girl, and really i feel disgusting. If you are curious about my size you can ask. I've started going to the gym...I don't do much if any cardio...because when I do I lose weight like crazy. I've been focusing on lifting weights and its been going pretty good. Since Christmas I've gained 7 pounds and feel great. I'm getting good definition too. My doctor also recommended I start taking whey protein because my diet is lacking and I lift so much. But the thing is my weight has stopped...and I can't see myself getti
  4. What a rat....good call in blocking him, you don't need to deal with people like that. Did he actually think that was smooth? If he felt the need to insult you're appearance on top of it shows that he really isn't as confident and mature as he lets on.
  5. The fact that you are posting and asking others about what they think, while doubting, means that you are not ready for such a casual encounter. You seem to be very attached already... just lookin out for you.
  6. Why can't you just make a friend if you are lonely? Having a sexual relationship just because you feel lonely is a bad idea. You will just end up hurt. Having sex with him won't make you less sensitive....and you will not scare all boys off. There are guys out there who don't just want sex...if anything, I think they would repsect you more because you waited until you were ready and with someone who cared for you rather than just throwing it away. Take this from someone who lost her virginity to a one night stand...please. At least think about everything. Its not worth it.
  7. I completely agree with BellaDonna...I replied to your other post too
  8. This especially stuck out to me... this is with complete respect, but hun you need to just calm down. Why would you want to start flirting with one of his friends? Because you're lonely? I think it would be a completely bad idea to continue seeing this boy and putting out the possibility of a sex relationship especially when he has already made his feelings known. Maybe he was interested in you, but then realized that its not what he thought...who knows. The point is he has told you that he doesn't want a relationship with you, and you can't change how someone feels...as much as you'd like to.
  9. That's what makes long distance relationships so tough...there's no easy answer. You just have to keep your head up and pull through as tough as it is...knowing that it will end.
  10. Just taker easy...I pulled mine playing hockey and didn't take the recommended time off and pulled it again...its still screwy
  11. thanks guys..I'm just curious about all of this. I don't want to use anything that'll harm me and want it to be safe and such. Plus results would be nice
  12. I've been doing some research on protein...mostly because I work out 6 days a week now and I KNOW that I don't consume enough protein daily. A lot of it is because I have stomach issues and a lot of high protein foods I can't eat regularly. So I was wondering, are protein shakes healthy? I keep hearing mixed messages... Thx!
  13. on a golf course in the wee morning hours....don't ask why
  14. Almost 2 hours her first time? Dang...I'd be in pain too. I can't really offer much advice...it sounds like you are taking the right steps. Just maybe with the pain thing, ease into it..get her used to everything first.
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