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  1. I have an ex boyfriend who pretneds to despize me and yet im pretty sure he still likes me.. and i really want a way to make him jealous. i no last year at a school dance i danced with a guy he didnt like right in front of him and that made him mad.. now i need a new way.. im thinking of trying to find a guy and take a ton of pictures with him and everything.. do you girls have any ideas?
  2. so i have this ex boyfriend.. we dated for a year and 1/2 he was head over heels for me and then we got into an argument and we broke up. that was almost a year ago and since then we've had a few "flings" i guess. but he says he's moved on and doesnt want to be in a realtionship with me but yet 4 months ago he liked me again.. i guess i don't understand. i reallllllllly just want to get him back and make him fall for me so i can be the one to tell him no. any ideas on how to make him want me?? we hardly even talk now a days.
  3. Do you any of you girls have any tips of shaving?? I've tried tons of things and none of it seems to work. I can never get a proper shave. I always end up with stubble and really bad razor burn on the bikini line. All of my friends and everyone else I know shaves and is perfectly smooth with no hair or bumps. I've tried shaving with the hair and against the hair both don't seem to work. with saving cream and with soap and none of that works either. this really sucks!! can any of you give me some tips?
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