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  1. Yes, but if you express it too soon, she'll think you're a creepy weirdo. I know this from personal experience. If you really like this girl, you're just going to have to "ease" your way into this unless you're extremely handsome, muscular, or charming. In that case, it'll likely be much easier for her to love you.
  2. Yeah, I've done it on a regular basis since I was about 15, and while it does aide my guitar playing, it just doesn't relieve stress like it used to.
  3. I actually am very conscious of environmental issues (ever since I was very young) and ride my bike as opposed to driving on a regular basis, I do have homeless friends and help them out with some money where I can, and I want to start a band so I can express how I feel about the world. That's a major reason why the members of TooL are some of my heroes.
  4. Other way? HA! I've tried it all... medication, meditation, pot, baths, cooking, hobbies, improve diet, warm baths, spending time with friends, exercise, and then some. Nothing works. I'm looking for the "wrong girls"? I've looked for love in all different types of girls, and all I get is problems of all sorts, stress, feminism, prudishness, cattiness... and those are the "outcast" girls that supposedly have "perfect personalities despite their looks"... They're just as bad and elitist as the overly-sexual popular girls! Hell, at least a "relationship" with an escort would be on a simple level that we'd both know that we'd be getting into... but yeah, I guess I really am a heathen?
  5. Not only am I sick and tired of all these happy, healthy couples, but I'm sick of having all this stress from not having sex. Damn it, I'm a college student, and that's what I SHOULD be doing. It should good for my health. It's a stress reliever, and I've been really stressed out no matter how much I relax. Not to mention it's a workout and I'm out of shape in every way possible, no matter how hard I work out my body. Plus, girls don't really like virgins anyways. I'm thinking the ideal solution is to get an escort. Now, before you go on and yell "HEATHEN!!", hear me out. Is it really much better to spend all your time on a relationship with a woman I really won't get along with anyways just so I can find this relief of stress? Is it really healthier to spend my life stressed out and depressed? I think an escort (and the practice of safe sex a.k.a using a condom) could probably heal me much better than the prudes, [Removed by moderator] , and all around me. At least she'll acknowledge the fact that the relationship isn't gonna go anywhere for either of us anyways, so what's there to lose? But then again, smoking pot is bad for you... because the government says so!
  6. I don't "hate" god, I'm questioning it. The problem is, the bible claims that "god" is omni-everything... ok, in that case, he created the people and created their thoughts and chose certain people to have a disdain for him. If god is "omni-everything", it created lucifer, knew he was gonna rebel against "god", knew there would be that great "war" in heaven and fallen angels... This is kinda like how humans are... always creating an enemy even when you really could do a lot better off without one. How "godly" is that? If the standard concept of "god" is the tired and true one, then I say this god hasn't done a very good job now hasn't it? He creates people without encrypting any real explanation as to why they exist in the first place, watches peaceful people get killed and humiliated for their efforts in improving humanity, and makes nations of people confused over who this "god" really is. The bible is the word of god... and yet there are people who study it their whole lives without finding any real relevant answer. Hell, it's enough to make me go crazy, but does god care? God's sure done a bang-up job watching all these people go to war and twist his words... Hell, think about this: I read a part in this bible where he says he is a "jealous" god... wow, now THAT came out on left field! I've seen the arguments about why everyone should believe the bible, but with the off-kilter stories in there, I think the extra-terresrial/extra-dimensional/annunaki explanation to the bible and other religious writings makes a helluva lot more sense. I guess I should start volunteering myself to be abducted by aliens... I'd rather go with them than live on this god-forsaken hellhole of a planet. Oh, and "faith" is a cop-out... maybe I should have "faith" in the quantum-level possibility that a really attractive, really intelligent, really compatable Asian girl will fall head-over-heels for me just as much as I would her and I would FINALLY have a meaningful relationship with a significant other. Faith is there for when it get too painful and confusing to think things through.
  7. I do believe in a god, but whether he "died" to rid the earth of sin is highly debated and ambiguous. I think it's just the fact that I'm confused of who this "God" is, and I must admit I still have a lot of thinking to do before I find any real sensical conclusion.
  8. Yeah, good question, why would God not want non-believers to believe in it? It supposedly created everything in the universe and you and I, so surely it created the disbelief of other people. Where did I say I was mad at Christianity because it was imperfect? I'm not, I was just questioning the fact that there are so many different interpretations of what God is and where it came from and whatever, and all it does is leave humanity confused with incomplete answers to create more debate and confusions. Where did I assume that since Christians are bad, God must be bad too? It has to do with the fact that people claim god is omni-everything. People never learn about what's good and what's evil anyways; even after horrible wars, famine, and other disasters, the line between good and evil is still blurred, and history repeats itself. Even Christians themselves don't agree with what good and evil is; it is largely there to try and justify what we do in life. Think about it. How would it be an "insult" to deny God's existence? If so, this God chose these disbelievers and skeptics to be confused. Otherwise, he either a. doesn't care about his creation or b. isn't omni-everything like people claim. How is hell exaggerated? Ok, maybe not exaggerated, but like the rest of the "bible", twisted to try and manipulate others to their agenda. This has been a great tool in raping the native Americans of their lands, amongst other things. If God supposedly loves everything, explain the near-genocide of native Americans.
  9. I have my fair share of things I don't like in a girl: -Doesn't shower or groom regularly -Alcoholics or hard-drug addicts -Gold-diggers -Takes life too seriously -No sense of humor -Cares too much about their image -More depressed than I am -Lack of communication/cant understand what they're saying -Shallowness -Feminists (my mom's a feminist, I get enough stuff like that thank you very much) -Reminds me too much of my mother -Ultra-tomboyishness -Doesn't like to be touched/unaffectionate -Any girl that calls me "shallow" just cause I don't want to go out with them and that's most of 'em.
  10. Ok, thanks for at least clearing that up instead of leaving me confused. While the good/evil concept is very much sound when written on paper, it is very much relative when demonstrated. Kind of like the scientific concepts of general relativity and quantum mechanics clashing. There are so many people in the world, and nobody (and I mean nobody) seems to hold the same exact concept of good/evil. I don't believe or disbelieve in god... however I still do believe in a higher power... it's just the fact that there are so many different beliefs, dogmas, morals, principles, and yes, even religions which try to guide some light as to where we come from and/or where we're going. Have you ever heard the saying "All real wars are about religion. All non/real wars are for profit." This is where the church comes in... to try and manipulate this "spiritual identity" crisis to fit their own agenda. I don't care what religion/faith someone comes from (most of my friends are fundamentalist Christians or some other sect) but I say if you're going to worship... why go to a church? It did make me suspicious that supposedly "God needs your money" but if he were truly great, he would make that church stand with or without funds. Kinda reminds me of the Pope and his bullet-proof glass in public. Sorry if that offends anyone, but that's faith in action, folks!
  11. Your first argument contradicts the fact that God is omni-everything like so many religious leaders proudly proclaim. How do I know he's not controlling the non-believers? Don't give me that ol "have faith" crap. Not to mention the fact that all these different sects of Christianity never seem to agree with eachother. If Christianity is THE true religion, why are there so many sects that disagree with eachother? Which way is the right way to heaven? Why are the unitarian christians treated like softies who are going to hell? Even members of these "sects" are betting money that they are right. Again, this is what confuses me: there are all these different fights and wars and contradictions and different beliefs that don't agree with eachother and people going crazy to try and find whats "good" in the world while constantly trying to prove whats evil... a "loving god" supposedly sees all this and does nothing to stop it. He can do it at any time, but I guess after creating everything in 6 days, your god-like powers begin to deteriorate a bit I gotta admit, hell is quite the tool used by the religious elite. It's the perfect bedtime or punishment story for little children who eat too much sugar, listen to heavy metal, or scream and make disturbances in public when they don't get their way. If hell wasn't exaggerated, I'm sure the number of Christians would at least decline considerately. It's funny how god supposedly "loves each and every one of us" yet if you do not follow his doctrine or made a "bad choice" in spiritual belief, despite the life you've lived, he'll send you to a place of eternal suffering and pain. But he loves you. This is similar to a woman breaking up with her poor boyfriend, and while he's on the floor crying, she's saying "I still love you!" If you have a pet and watch him and when he doesn't show total love and belief of you, you find all these sick ways to torture him and end up killing him, you can plainly see the "love" for this poor animal is not love at all. George Carlin had something infamous to say about organized religion link removed Have fun serving this "god", whoever it may be.
  12. I haven't smoked pot in almost 2 weeks. No wonder all of my depression has escalated. Though it makes me laugh a whole lot more, aides my appitite (I usually have problems getting hungry), and relaxes me to the point where I'm neutral enough to actually able to open my mind more, most jobs drug test, and everyone around me is irking me to get a job because I'm piss broke.
  13. Wow, it is great (even if I violated some regulations of this board) to see my topic explode like this... and most of you make some very pertinent points. To clear the record, I don't completely believe or disbelieve the bible. Since it's so vague and written in away which most scholars don't even understand it, for all I know Jesus could be an extra-terresrial or extra-dimensional being. Not the most popular idea ever conceived, but with some of the stories of "angels" and Jesus' ascension to heaven and Ezekiel's wheel and Noah's Ark are so open to interpretation... especially with some of the outlandish, unrealistic happenings recorded... it does make me wonder. If that's the case, the next time I find a UFO voluntary abduction group, I'll drive to their next meeting and be at the top of the building shouting "I beg thee, O lord, take me now! Take me away from this stupidity, this madness, this treachery!" and the like. Speaking of which, in a sense, the UFO idea makes a helluva lot more sense than a huge ark filled with 2 of every animal and a whole vat of poisonous feces.
  14. Agreed, but since the scenario at a global level is pretty much impossible, and nobody is gonna stop believing in religion, I think it's all hypothetical anyways.
  15. I wouldn't say that... I love myself in some sick sort of schizoid way that I don't even understand. If I really hated myself, I would've already been dead before I was able to sign on to this BBS. Honestly, I wish it really were as simple as "doing something" but as a wise man once said... 5h1t happens.
  16. if they (criminals, murderers, terrorists) lost their belief? Please explain the muslim fundamentalists then. Actually, I think that if people thought that this material world is their only shot, they would be treating eachother with much more respect. Oh well, either way you die and nobody knows what's after death.
  17. I don't believe or disbelieve in god. I don't even like thinking, and just want to be simple and happy, but it's impossible as of now. It's a long story. I also don't believe in asking someone else who god is because they'll just repeat a bunch of verses in a book and give me a bunch of asinine, tired-out rhetoric. Yes, I have been to church a handful of times, and that's what I've gotten. I quoth Maynard James Keenan of TooL: "Jesus, won't you try and whistle/ something but the past and done?"
  18. I'd be obliged to, but that's such a long story, it'll havta be a whole different post.
  19. Very well, I guess questioning anything that creates so much insanity and doesn't want anybody to understand and live in this pile of chaos makes it just a scapegoat of misdirected anger... whatever you say buddy. I think I would be much better off without this "underlying concept" you describe, but that's just me.
  20. After much thought, I've reached the conclusion that if there is a tangible "god" concept I hear almost everyone talk about, he most certainly does not love me. God probably doesn't love you either. Why? Why be so negative towards the ultimate creator in the universe? Well, let me explain a few ways: First off, if God is so great, why are there so many different concepts of it? I mean, I have met people who would bet all of their money that their religion is correct. There are several "religions" around the world. In these religions, there are several "sects" of religion which branches off from the original theory. Point being, humanity has all of these belief systems, and the strongest connection between each of them is the simple fact that none of them agree with eachother. They all seem to be created by God, and so many people are caught up in the elitist fight to prove themselves "right" without even questioning the fact that this God may be screwing with all our heads. Blind faith is just about the sickest and most ridiculous concept I've ever perceived in my life! If there is an almighty loving god out there, why does it just put us here with no real explanation or guidance? Don't tell me a flamin' scripture (bible, koran, torah, whatever) is the ultimate "word of God". If God were omniscient and all-loving like most people think, wouldn't it transcribe these ultimate answers directly into our minds in a way every living being can understand? The closest explanation that comes to that concept is Sacred Geometry, but a bulk of the knowledge is so secret and "heretical", it makes me wonder about all the Illuminati and Masonic "conspiracies" I've been told. Some bull-crap religious fanatics on all fronts has told me is the concept that "God presents challenges, but never gives anyone more than they can handle." HA! What a pile! You don't even need to go to a mental institution to prove that wrong; all I need to do is ride my local lightrail system, and sure enough, there's some homeless whacko talking about non-existant terrors while scratching their butt-crack or a delusional nutjob wandering around in a drugged-out daze asking for spare change or cigarettes... sometimes tossing in a totally BS story about something fantastic they've accomplished in their youth or some rant about how even if they've been traumatized, God still loves them... in that case, God is one sick jerk for making all these delusional people exist in such a manner. Haha, maybe the insane are truly the children of God? I don't think I have to mention the starving billions in such countries as Rwanda, Ethiopia and war-torn countries like Iraq... and that's only the tip of the iceburg. Another thing that irks me is this concept of "hell". If God were all-loving, why even create a hell? Why create evil in the first place? Don't say "because there can be no good without evil" or "it is put here to test thy faith!" because that just proves that God is an evil trickster who likes to create two extreme concepts in which nobody really understands and watch us all go crazy and get into wars and argue and bicker about who's "right" or "wrong" yet there is still no tangible answer. I'm sure you find the suffering and pain of your own creations humorous, God, I bet you're frickin laughing at what I'm typing right now because I'm actually questioning your ulterior motives! For those of you waiting to go to heaven: how do you know God isn't BSing you anyways? I mean, it's undoubtedly the same god that put Hitler into power and created nuclear weapons of mass destructions. Don't give me the ol' "It was Satan, you doofus!" Well, God, being omni-everything, created evil, and from what's being described, he directly controls evil. From what I've read and found, God is pretty angry, humorless, and vengeful... how do you know he didn't just create a farce and all humans existing after 1776 are going to hell regardless? God, if you exist, I hate you for being the very creator and stalwart of insanity. I could've been much more content never even being human and just living amongst the general relativity of the universe and the atoms and particles of the quantum fields. If given a choice, I would not want my soul to be within a "human" experience... I'd be much more content living as an animal or a blade of grass... but the creator has spoken, and he obviously could care less about most of his own creation. God's probably telling me "Shut up! Quit asking questions and get yer idiot hind back in line!!" Well, I'd much rather suffer and ask questions than be some sort of blinded fool who doesn't know why he believes what he does in the first place. Whatever your response, don't give me that "through Christ, all things are possible!" hogwash... because you're just asking for another rant. I'm an idiot anyways, so feel free to tear me apart and tell me how "wrong" I am... I don't even care about my own happiness or self-image anymore.
  21. If only it were that simple... where I live and the streets around town, it's illegal. That's right... I've tried busking, and some police officers told me that it wasn't legal because I could make money off of it. Stupid greedy- * * * * establishment! But the real problem is, people don't wanna hear anything jazzy, they want to hear guitar tricks and mundane emo songs. As far as putting an ad in the paper... because I live in a big city, the chance that anyone's gonna be able to respond to an add for a Progressive/Jazz rock band in the vain of Dream Theater meets Mars Volta meets Yes meets Pink Floyd meets... meh, I think you get the idea. It's not too popular around where I live.
  22. I'd love to, but I'm too damn broke to go hang-gliding.
  23. Shoot, the avatar kitties are so damned adorable. I wish I was able to have a cat as a friend, but my mom is allergic
  24. I don't know what to do anymore. My circle of friends is getting smaller and smaller all the time. My self-image is only getting worse, and I don't know what the point of life is anymore. This is getting ridiculous, and I feel like running away and living in the wilderness so I would have none of these god damn societal and social distractions. It will be me, myself facing new challenges and learning to live with nature. Too bad my weak little body couldn't even handle it. Crap! For one, one of the best friends I've ever had is ignoring me. Usually, he would really appreciate my company because we have a lot of the same beliefs about certain things, but now he's just ignoring me. It's not even due to the fact he's too busy to message me or anything, because he'll willingly talk to all his other friends. I know I'm an inefficiant person who can't really do anything right or have the body strength to do anything even moderately "cool" or fun, but he shoulda said something long ago... I woulda been out of his life for good and he could be happy!!! If it weren't for him, the 1 year I spent in public highschool woulda been pure hell, but whatever he wants... I'd rather he be happy than me. I don't even have a girlfriend I could turn to and love, but if me being out of his life makes him happy... then it's his choice. I hate me. I hate myself. I hate the fact that some sick creator (whoever the hell that may be) decided that I be interested in music. I can't even frickin get a band started for chrissake!! All the other musicians around me just want to play covers, mundane pop/rock/emo songs, or do technical scale runs all the time. Forget creativity, forget innovation, forget being daring and making mistakes, paying it safe is where it's at... but then again how the hell do you explain King Crimson? I would go solo, but I have no real recording equipment or anywhere to borrow any because my material will probably suck anyways. The musicians I'm in a band with right now have little in common with me, and we aren't even the same religion. All we do is soup up old video game songs. It's fun for a while, but I wanna make actual SONGS which have been created by me and others... too bad with what's been going on lately, it'll probably never happen. I'm such a loser... no? Yes? Maybe? Oh well... somebody's got to be the loser... somebody's got to be the tool... somebody's got to be the failure... somebody's got to be weak... somebody's got to be ugly... otherwise we'd have nobody to compare that strength and beauty to. Then the world would be a boring sesspool of beautiful perfect angels. I'm still wondering why the responsibility of depressed, ugly, stupid, untalented, boring, weak loser had to be put upon by me. There are people out there that rape, kill, insult, harass, belittle, hoodwink, domineer, torture, and the like that are more successful than good honest people. Screw it... everyone was right... I really do think too much. Hell, I think I ask for too much too. Btw, Syd Barrett (of early Pink Floyd fame) died today at the age of 60 from complications with diabetes. I don't know whether to mourn the fact that he wasn't able to be sane before he died or celebrate the fact that his mind is free and he doesn't have to tolerate this pathetic world any longer. What a mind-job .
  25. Man, don't become completely p^$$y whipped! This lying temptress will only ruin your life! It is only typical of a playboy model to be messin' round with other guys... I know she must look hotter than two rats having sex in a wool sock, and it's gonna be hard to break away from her... but think about it; do you really wanna be the not-so-proud owner of the town bicycle? Do you really want your (?) offspring to have a tainted view of sexuality? I'm not saying any of this is your fault, but ya gotta be strong... or else you'll be the tool of a woman that has more clap than an AC/DC concert. Feel free to interpret that in any way that you wish. Regardless, I think it's high-time you move on.
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