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  1. It can take years. My ex-wife didn't show up at my front door for 4 years (of course, we interacted as combatants; by coming back I mean seductively) I bet your dumpers will call or show someday when you least expect it.
  2. I have been thinking back over all th significant relationships I've had. When I was dumped it seems that eventually the dumper came back to me. When I dumped, it seems that eventually I came back to the dumpee. We didn't necessarily get back together, but it was on the edge of that, in each case. My ex-wife dumped me when we were dating (way back in the 70's! it was an LD relationship, and I was in grad school finishing my PhD thesis; it was mid November. I couldn't comprehend how she could do that at such a critical moment. She clearly was playing with another guy. But by mid January s
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