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  1. The fact that you didn't want to pay for a trip has nothing to do with being Asian whatsoever. I don't know if you're a cheapskate or not... but it's pretty inconsequential... it almost sounds racist. Also he is 18 years older so... there's not really any reason for me to expend anymore energy pressing keys on my keyboard...
  2. The harder it is for you to get something the more likely you are to want it. People want things that are hard to obtain. Look at gold watches, necklaces, and jewelry...there are way stronger and better looking metals than gold out there... but people want gold because it's rare and hard to obtain.
  3. Sounds like you basically got used man... but you're not the first one to be a sucker in love that's for sure... all you can do is learn from the negative experience and turn it into a positive in your life... next time be sure to stand up for yourself, stand your ground, and not get used.
  4. Best time is right before you're going to leave their company... just don't make a huge deal about it... say something like well I've got to goto here but I would love to continue this conversation... is there a number I can reach you at? Be smooth
  5. Go join your local gym. if you do you will feel so much better... it relieves a lot of stress... and it sounds like you aren't getting enough physical activity which is very bad... it can cause chemical imbalances in your brain which often causes depression. Also quit using food as a positive reinforcement. Quit taking cash into work and you won't have to worry about using the vending machine... leave your money in your car. Drink a lot of water and take walking breaks instead.
  6. "I want to date other guys to see if I'm happy with you" translates into she wants to go around and be with other guys and checkout her options... but if she doesn't like how that works out she can always use you as a backup option or if she needs financial support. If she was dating Tom Cruise would she tell him "I want to date other guys so I can see if I'm happy"? Crying in front of her and having a difficult time finding something to do for 8 hours and talking to her friends probably contributes to her low interest level... it makes you look very needy which she expressed she doesn't
  7. why would he even want to do girly exercises anyway... it's like a lame excuse to be around women... men serious about exercise lift weights, do sports, or endurance training
  8. He is either just looking at porn or is planning on cheating on you...but you also crossed the line by snooping on his email inbox...
  9. meal replacement drinks should be done after you work out.... and same with protein shakes... after you work out your body starts to repair your muscle tissue and that's when it needs protein and minerals. For Pre-workout you should eat fruit for simple sugars, take multivitamins, and eat carbohydrates... and some protein before workout also wouldn't hurt.
  10. hey buddy... I would concentrate on the drug problem first... it's hard to be in a healthy relationship with anyone when you have that to contend with on the side. Plus your health and well being is a whole lot more important than some fling.... As far as the girl is concerned it sounds like you're in the friend zone... she has all the advantages of a relationship without having to take the risks... so there's no reason for her to upgrade the relationship. You're on the right track with no contact but you need to workout your personal issues. Good luck.
  11. women like men that have confidence in themselves... you wouldn't goto a used car dealership and buy a car if the dealer wasn't sure if the car was good or not. If you don't have the confidence to ask her out in person then she might perceive that as weakness and a major turn off.
  12. School is just busy work... but you need to rough through it. I personally dropped out of high school... but I never had any intention of not going to school and finished my bachelors this summer. If you only have a year to go you've come too far to just quit honestly... rough it out and hang in there. College is really just a test to see if you can accomplish a goal in over the long haul.
  13. Hey there buddy... let me focus you on one of your sentences... "This girl was my life and now she is gone." I think that pretty much sums it up... your life has been lacking in balance. Think of your life like a house... if the foundation of your life is centered around one person then when that person leaves your life then the whole house comes falling down. But if you have a lot of hobbies and interests going on in your life when people leave your life, the house will take some damage, but it still has a foundation to stand on. Take it easy, enjoy the freedom of being single(there ar
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