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  1. Hi, I care about him, buuuut. I have been his girlfriend for 4 years. He lives with his mom to help her. Problem is, I want to be able to move. If we got married where would I stay? His city is closer to where I don't want to be and he can't move here. We can't afford a place near his mother in that area, it's just way to expensive. I really would like to try living somewhere else, another state, but that's not happening if I stay. I don't want to be married and live separate and apart. It's been 4 years and there's no telling how many more years. It feel sick thinking about how she ha
  2. We didn't get to that part. I was a bit closed off after the big relationship ended. Wanting to move on, move forward, but scared. That may have shown up somehow in our interactions. I've done my online snooping. He wasn't married. He seems to be what he described. Everything on fb is consistent. This intrigue was present before I was in this relationship. I think if I wasn't in this relationship, I still would be feeling this. That is part of why it's troubling, if I end the other relationship it needs to purely be for the reasons of the discontent. This interest might be a test for the curre
  3. Definitely not going to end my current relationship for someone else. If it ends, it's because of practical reasons or incompatible life goals. As you say, meeting in real life might dispel the mystery. He'll be in the general area next month. I'm not entirely sure why he wasn't interested. I know my photos were distinctly modest, so there was no hint of sex appeal, so no way to decide if that particular interest was there on his part. There wasn't much to see.
  4. 40s. His mother's home. I know fantasy and reality are often 2 separate things. The only time reality surpassed my fantasy, I turned out to be wrong about that. The kind of wrong where you are never quite the same afterwards. I am very suspicious of fantasy now. Suspicious of my choices in romance generally, as well. My current partner has alot of potential. He's smart, but doesn't use it effectively. Beware of men with unrealized potential and nothing to show backing it up?
  5. Hi, Some years back after a hard breakup I dabbled in online dating. Never met anyone in person through it, although I ended up with a online friendship with one guy. I was very curious about him, something about him, he was like a puzzle that I wanted to solve. Not sure why he decided not to persue it further, but at the time I started seeing someone irl, so I was ok when he suggested we could be friends. Wasn't sure if he meant it, or if it was supposed to be an easy let down like some guys do. Lost track of each other for about 4 years, until I got a friend request from him a month ago.
  6. Hi, So, I'm in a solid, committed relationship. Thing is, he is committed to living at home so he can help his mom. She is largely independent, but she needs a little help with some day to day things. In the last 4 years I have spent more time at his home than I have my own. I still live at home, too, at 37. We couldn't afford to live in this area (my city or his). I'm tired of the commute. It's only 20 minutes. This dividing my life between 2 houses is getting to me. There isn't room for me to live there and I don't want to live in that city, anyway. I always kind of thought I would
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